Will WE bottom out and TES take the lead?Four noteworthy teams after Spring Festival

2022-05-01 0 By

It’s less than a week until February 10, 2022, when LPL will be back in flames.Although this is the Spring Festival period, but for some OF the LPL team, this time is not a good time.Because after the Spring Festival, they will have no time to adjust.That is to say, if they do not adjust their mentality and form during the Spring Festival, the subsequent matches will be more difficult.However, poor form is not the norm, and bottoming will happen in LPL from time to time.Let us combine the current LPL regular season points, the overall strength of the team and the team lineup adjustment after the Spring Festival, in fact, four teams are likely to hit bottom after the Spring Festival rebound situation.TESTES was certainly one of the most surprising teams to come out of the Spring Festival season, as they had so many star players that they had no problems on paper.For such a team, the lack of performance has more to do with running-in, and running-in usually takes time, and it takes time for players to build trust and get to know each other.So, from the current point of view, as long as TES play normal after the Spring Festival, it is likely to bottom out.RARA actually has some very talented new players, while le Yan has matured a lot this season.However, iBoy, the most important player in RA’s team, is in a slump.If iBoy returns to normal and the new players grow up, RA can catch up in the upcoming games.The biggest impression of TTTT’s team in the new season is that, in addition to the two-man road, there are more or less problems in the upper center field.However, the reason why TT will be able to improve in the following matches is that Ucal and Chieftain are not playing yet.If Ucal and Chieftain play well in the center field, plus the already solid duo, TT could get a big boost.Although it is not certain that TT will hit bottom, we can at least wait to see how the new team will perform in the following matches.As one of LPL’s oldest teams, WE are currently at the bottom of LPL’s spring regular season.However, like TT, WE should have some changes in the lineup in the following matches.For example, the core wild player Sadness is likely to make an appearance in the following matches, and WE’s former single player Xi Ye will also have a chance to make an appearance.Under such circumstances, WE should usher in significant changes.And, judging by the current state of WE, it’s time for a change.Finally, guys, which of these four teams do you think has the best chance of playing well in the rest of the tournament?