Winter Olympics special observation! Snowpiercer train to Winter Olympics!Jilin “new equipment”, core strength appeared collective deflagrate “out of the circle

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Looking at the calendar, you will find that the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer.China Gillin net Guo Liang photography coordinates Beijing, the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics is growing strong.Walking in the streets, you can see Olympic elements, iconic landscape and theme flower beds everywhere.Then look to the leading role on the field, to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games athletes have arrived in Beijing assembly.Now, the ice athletes are looking forward to Beijing’s dream come true.When it comes to the upcoming tournament, important safeguards are the subject of discussion.And you know what?The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, “multi-point flowering” Jilin equipment manufacturing, for the ice and snow pageant to send a “strong” assist.Below, China Gilin net through a group of lens, restore those Jilin “mark”.The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, an intercity railway connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province, is an important transportation support facility for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Shortly after the opening of the new Olympic version of the Fuxing intelligent EMU developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., LTD. (CRRC Changke) officially debuted.CRRC long passenger for the picture!”Ruixue Spring” painting, the overall color is dotted with looming snowflakes and sports elements…The moment it appeared, its appearance and content “conquered” Internet users.It is worth mentioning that the new bullet trains will carry Chinese and foreign athletes and journalists to the exciting venues during the Beijing Winter Olympics.Why is the snowpiercer the most beautiful winter Olympics “made” in Jilin so popular?The answer can be found in several groups of observations.First, the debut of bullet trains is significant.The Winter Olympics will be the highlight of the Beijing Winter Olympics. If the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is the highlight of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the new Fuxing Smart Bullet train developed by CRRC Changke is the “gold-plated card”. As a tailor-made vehicle for the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is intelligent, green and humanistic.Second, intelligent driving has powerful functions.Renaissance in keeping the standard configuration, smart bullet intelligence service and intelligence operations, and other functions, on the basis of the new edition of the Olympic Games revival intelligent emu increase intelligent traffic function, realize the speed of 350 km autopilot for the first time in the world, an automatic start, the station interval to run automatically, automatic stop, automatic door control station, and advanced function.Third, 5G technology will be integrated into the winter Olympics trains.The Olympic Studio set inside the train integrates “high-speed rail +5G+4K” technology to create the world’s first high-speed rail 5G Ultra HD Olympic studio to live 5G HD events, with six channels of 4K live broadcasting capability.In the car long for the figure of its four, humanization is incisively and vividly reflected.The train has been optimized to serve the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The no.5 train is a multi-functional car, with a media working area, 12 desks, international sockets, push-pull tables and other facilities, and a seating capacity of 48 people, providing an office environment for media personnel.In addition, the two ends of carriage 1, 4 and 8 of emU are equipped with ski equipment storage cabinets for skiing enthusiasts to store skis and other equipment, and with ski equipment lock to ensure the safety of storage;No. 4 car also set up a wheelchair storage area, accessible toilet and platform compensator, easy wheelchair storage and passage, to meet the needs of the Winter Paralympic Games.Fifth, the intelligent interactive terminal is quite powerful.The carriages are topped with radioactive blue lights to match the Winter Olympics’ ice and snow theme;The open bar area in carriage no. 5 has been dubbed the “2022 Beijing Olympic Blue” with its main tone of ice blue.It is worth mentioning that the train not only provides Chinese and English broadcast and information display, but also provides high-speed rail entertainment center, wireless screen projection, vehicle function introduction, vehicle operation information query and other services.It can be predicted that the new Olympic version of the Fuxing intelligent EMU will show a different speed and strength of China.In fact, jilin’s new Olympic fuxing smart bullet train is not the only one helping the Beijing Winter Olympics.Let’s take this opportunity to “play” again.Bobsleigh is a winter Olympic sport, also known as “bobsleigh”, is a kind of ride, can steer the direction of the ice skating sport.It is fast, difficult and enjoyable to watch.In September 2021, the first homemade snowmobile, developed and manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China FAW, came out.China faw China aerospace cross-border innovation, independent research and development of new domestic snowmobiles, man-machine engineering optimization, the platform key system and parts design, materials of lightweight, high precision machining process and a series of technical problems, break the foreign monopoly high-end sports equipment, realizing the zero breakthrough, domestic snowmobiles lasted only six months.Friends who have skied may know that the skis need to be waxed regularly.During major international competitions, many ice and snow nations provide special waxing cars for their competitors.However, the research and production of snow wax car has always been a blank in our country.Therefore, Liaoyuan City of Jilin Province undertook the task of developing homemade snow wax car. They gave full play to the advantages of jilin snow and ice equipment manufacturing industry, raced against time and worked hard to complete the research and development of snow wax car in less than a year.The first “snow wax car” independently developed by Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, set off for Beijing on Jan 5.If these days you pay attention to the Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic village) news, must also notice this detail, beautiful design, exquisite craftsmanship of the wooden door is very eye-catching.If you look for a place, you will find that from single door to sliding door in front of the wall to sliding door in the wall, double sliding door and eight folding doors, all of them are provided by our jilin Forest industry’s subsidiary companies, and they are made in Jilin!…Jilin Forest for the picture through the phenomenon to see the essence!Jilin new equipment manufacturing strength “appearance”, is not accidental.All these are inseparable from the “power accumulation” of the equipment manufacturing industry for many years and the precise development of the future.In recent years, jilin Provincial Party Committee and provincial government attach great importance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry, and have issued a series of policies and measures to promote the advanced industrial base and the modernization of industrial chain, and accelerate the cultivation of new development drivers, providing strong support for the economic development of the province.The economic work conference of Jilin Provincial Party Committee held earlier made it clear that Jilin province should make great efforts to build a new pattern of modern industry, with “six new industries” as the main direction.Among them, new equipment is one of representative industries.For, Jilin new equipment bright eye performance, experts also give observation.”As an important part of the ‘six new industries’, jilin’s new equipment ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics has attracted much attention in two aspects.The first is new technology. For example, faW and Changke have made new breakthroughs in equipment technology.The second is a new concept. The supply of new equipment in Jilin starts to be customized according to the demand.”Ding Zhaoyong, a member of the provincial CPPCC and associate professor of economics at Jilin University, told that technological breakthroughs and conceptual changes are of great significance to the development of new equipment in Jilin.And from the point of view of Jilin action, has already begun the layout of the “post-Winter Olympics” era.At this point, China in this year’s Jilin Provincial government work report, to find new equipment “annual” to promote the roadmap.The equipment manufacturing industry will focus on becoming high-end, intelligent and service-oriented, and promote the development of new products such as a new generation of high-speed intelligent emUS to maintain its leading position in the industry, according to the report.We will accelerate the development of projects across the entire industrial chain of wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy equipment, and plan hydrogen energy preparation and storage projects.We will promote intelligent and green manufacturing, promote the development of precision instruments and equipment industries, and enhance the competitive edge of intelligent complete sets of equipment for automobiles, smelting, agricultural machinery, and food processing.We will vigorously accelerate the development of snow and ice equipment.Ice and snow pageant, winter Olympic village heartily embrace “eight party guests”.Core new equipment, strength “out of the circle” shining among them.Take the wind of winter Olympics, burning passion of ice and snow.In 2022, Jilin will expand the “track” to surpass the race and move forward to the future with courage and perseverance!Source Cailian news editor-in-chief Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor Chi Ruibing