Zhu Zhu high profile sun family photo!After she became a mom, her style changed and her clothes became more fashionable

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Zhu Zhu recently posted a variety of photos of the family of three on his social platform. Zhu Zhu is still beautiful and charming, while her husband is an outsider, but the level of appearance and figure are catching up with many stars, and her perfect gentlemanlike style also makes her look more attractive.Juju minimalist wind modelling outfit juju after marriage, the whole people wear take a style has changed a lot, however, high level of minimalist wind let juju appearance and temperament looks more perfect and wonderful, so you want to increase the wear a fashion sense on modelling and senior feeling, really can try minimalist wear build model of the wind.The reason why minimalist style can be better for everyone to control, mainly because of the basic style of clothing matching details on the wear highlights.The first point is to increase the sense of silhouette change of the whole outfit. Such matching details are really too important for the basic outfit, because the obvious sense of hierarchy change can well increase the visual highlights of the modelling and highlight the fashion effect of the outfit.The change of layers is mainly reflected by the changes in the details of the outline. Let’s take zhu Zhu’s shirt and pants for example:A simple white shirt with black pants is the way everyone will choose to match, but to make such a two-piece suit wear an obvious sense of hierarchy change, we can highlight the waist line and change the details of the silhouette of the clothes to reflect.Put the shirt into the waist, did highlight the waist line effect, not only rich two-piece set to wear changes, more prominent figure proportion of the modification effect, here we need the main, is to choose a high waist line of trousers.Change clothes details of the profile, is mainly refers to shirt to wear take details: 01 change for classic shirt collar shirt collar, we can put the collar button to solve a few more, make simple lapel instant v-neck effect, the model change of feeling, not only increased the shirt also played a very good got-up figure of the effect.02 sleeve length change for long sleeve shirt, roll up the cuff, you can change the level of the shirt in detail changes the sense of change and modelling, the cuff itself has an obvious sense of width, roll up once, more can increase the modelling sense of the whole sleeve, highlighting the effect of decorating the arms.If you want to make the arms look slimmer and the change of the whole body more obvious, we can directly roll the cuffs up a little more, so that the style of long sleeves into nine or seven sleeve style.For putting on a minimalist look, they will give a modern silhouette that truly matches the minimalist style in recent years. An exaggerated three-dimensional silhouette with basic garments will give you a good balance of the whole body and add a more flattering look to your figure.They will give you a modern edge. The biggest highlight is the shoulder design. No matter the shoulder drops or shoulder pads, enlarging the shoulder size will give you a more modern look.And the off shoulder and shoulder pads play a completely different modification effect, shoulder pads because of the obvious right-angle sense, can increase the neat and handsome sense of clothes, and off shoulder because of the smooth line sense of the shoulder, can better wear a model of leisure and lazy fan.But for the shape of the shoulder, we must pay attention to the size of the shoulder, big shoulder than small shoulder, can better play to modify the effect of the body, at the same time, the silhouette of the whole clothing will be more loose.The size of the shoulder is mainly to see the position of the shoulder line, generally speaking, the position of the shoulder line moved down to the middle of the upper arm, that is, the sense of both the shoulder, such a design will make the profile of the sleeve and the shirt more larger, with a certain thickness or a sense of width of the fabric, will also increase the shape of a modern touch.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!The text/smile