2499 assembly of iPhone 13?Watch out for accessories that could be stolen

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Have you ever thought about spending more than 2,000 yuan to assemble an iPhone 13?Recently, a video went viral. Finally, I made a real iPhone 13 by myself by buying parts. The cost of 2,499 yuan is also about half of the current retail price, but there are major hidden dangers in this.01 spare parts may be the source of stolen iPhone disassembly parts bosses are publicly said to be the original factory, deputy factory accessories, however, “Huaqiangbei” is strong, I believe we have already heard, but some precision parts can not be “imitation”.No matter in iPhone or Android camp, mobile phones will be bound with ID, so even if lost and found, they can hardly be used. However, for non-semiconductor parts such as screen, charging coil, shell and frame, the scale of disassembling parts is very large, just like “stolen car”, the whole vehicle can not be sold, so they sell the disassembling parts.The same goes for the assembled iPhone 13.Rob “machine advocate” because be eager to move out, so the sale price of complete machine is met very low, businessman people buy come back to be able to experience a series of disassemble, the fittings that can use do maintain, group installs to use, and the fittings that cannot use can be destroyed for the first time, do not leave mark.The cost of assembling the iPhone 13 for the 2499 is about 70% of the mainboard, screen and battery.Users are clear that the storage particles, chips and so on are integrated in this value 1100 motherboard, the business will replace the storage particles, and after processing the CPU, this is a “new” motherboard, the former owner of the lost mobile phone can not find their lost iPhone.Therefore, we deeply doubt the source of the accessories, even though the boss said that there is a formidable channel to get the original factory accessories of Apple.02 Shoddy screen, battery are the product of small workshop in addition to the motherboard and other internal hardware, so-called “original” appearance components are not used.Take the screen as an example, the price of the internal and external screen assembly of apple’s official repair screen is 1000+, while the original screen introduced by the merchant is only 500.We asked the insiders of the industry chain, and said that these might be the products of a domestic factory, and the cost is around 300-350. Moreover, they are not OLED screens but LCD screens, and problems such as insufficient brightness, dragging and frame loss will occur.And original battery price is in 120 yuan, from “desai,” desai is, indeed, the iPhone battery supplier, that we shall no longer struggle, but other parts, such as speaker, Sim card slot, Face ID module, the charging module sales channels in the market is not much, also is the product of a small plant in southern China, quality is grim, and the source is unknown.It is not an exaggeration to say that these assembled phones are made from components dug out of the garbage!03 Ace all green?Don’t even think about it!”Ace All Green” is currently the popular threshold to determine whether an iPhone is “positive”, and this iPhone, which is assembled from spare parts, could be ace All Red.In this combo video, the owner actually says that the combo is ace Green, which seems impossible, on the “Ace Green” page of a promotional video for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.The reality is that it’s an iPhone 11Pro Max, aka a “shell changer.”I dare not use this kind of mobile phone in my hand. If it is broken for a few days, I can’t return it. If it is broken for a few days, I may have the risk of privacy disclosure.04 warranty?Assembling an iPhone by yourself may look the same as the crowded DIY machines we’re all familiar with, but it’s far from it.Although your computer may be your own, every component has brand support and after-sales warranty, so where it breaks, you can go to the same brand after-sales.But different assembling the iPhone, the businessman says to not be clear about own accessories come from, let alone the warranty, if there is a problem, this kind of machine to the hand to get some offline private repair shop, the guy a see will know what is going on, usually can’t give you, suggest you “back to the original factory”, spread out because they are afraid of trouble.Even the original Apple iPhone packaging can be made you are still naive to consider “original accessories”?Write at the end: So, don’t be naive, there are similar iPhone sales on some second-hand platforms, the basic account of the sale is blank, there is no relevant authentication, one after another.Apple’s hardware is very low, and the cost of hardware is very low, which is widely acknowledged in the tech community.In the context of the huge market, the industry of “assembling iphones” has been born, and these iphones are very cheap, but still have “huge profits”.It’s just a show the origin of the accessory is unclear, the accessory is not guaranteed.It’s like a used-car dealer selling a luxury car for an extremely cheap price: “The boss’s BMW 730 Li is only 30,000 yuan,” but there is no procedure and no transfer.The second you buy something and pay for it, you’re constantly worrying about being robbed or pulled over.Thirty thousand yuan of his own money can only be used as “tuition” to buy a lesson.