Bai Jingting, the beginning of eight years

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Today, the latest season of Detective Star was officially announced.Renamed “Big Detective”, no Sa Beining, no Bai Jingting.Meanwhile, a wedding photo of Bai Jingting, whose first starring role in the Beginning ended last night, has been plastered all over the Internet.The communication effect of films and TV plays is naturally much wider than many variety shows. Xiao Bai finally has his first masterpiece.Absent Ming Investigation, but also because he is filming a new play.This choice, perhaps means actor Bai Jingting’s new round, beginning.Bai Jingting seems to have good conditions: he was born in 1993, in his prime as an actor;Beijing people, family circumstances will not be poor;There was a lot of action, a lot of leading men.But if you break it down, it doesn’t seem to make any sense.93 years young guy, actually 21 years old to debut, non class, no acting, with a wooden stake as stiff face played the ancient early youth network drama “Hurry that year” male number two Joe burning.As a Beijinger, he actually lived in huairou district, a suburb of Beijing, which was 80 feet away from the foot of the imperial city. His father drove a taxi to support his family, and the family was not privileged.Trying to earn enough money to pay for their son’s piano lessons may have been the biggest venture bai’s parents have ever invested in their son’s success.Bai Jingting did not have system to learn performance, the recording department of the capital normal university on the university, he can play the piano, can sing, think can learn some pop music in the university, did not think of professional classes are classical music, pure white blind.That’s why he came up with the idea of becoming an actor. He ran, practiced and applied for film and television companies by himself.In 2016, Bai Jingting graduated from Capital Normal University and with current eyes, this play is not good. Male actor is good, female actor is dumb, except male actor Yang (” Thirty Only “Chen Yangyu) with good acting skills from family background, the others are better than a wood.Fortunately, the theme of this play is dominant, to a certain extent, it opened the door of the early youth theme film and television works, followed by a film version of the same name, Wei Chen played the role of Bai Jingting.The first play, it was a hit.Later, in an interview, Mr. Bai lamented his own good fortune, compared with the small percentage of personal efforts.Lucky?Maybe.These eight years Bai Jingting played a lot of drama, his personal image is good, 183 height, head leg long face white, wearing a pair of glasses can play students, wearing a suit can play elite, can play the next society.I’ve been beefing up since I worked out. Last year, I played a SWAT captain in You are My City Camp, which was quite popular.However, acting too much is not a good thing at present. There are too few good scripts and good teams that meet the needs of both idols and actors. Bai Jingting’s acting skills are not good enough to handle various roles.In all kinds of bad plays, you will overdraw your vitality as an actor, overdraw your professional value in the industry evaluation system.Bai Jingting does not rely on the back of a big brokerage company, choose a self-employed studio business model, will directly participate in their various career planning decisions.He is also smart. When he realized his awkward position as an untrained young actor, he seized another fulcrum of career development, variety shows.Since September 2015, Bai jingting has tried various kinds of variety shows, such as adventure, reasoning, basketball and outdoor. The only one that has stuck is Superstar Detective.He recorded five years and six seasons in this variety show, acting hundreds of roles, basically can be regarded as the beginning of his great success, but also can be regarded as the hotbed of his reasoning game to hone his acting skills.Ming Zhen is the touchstone of domestic variety bound to star intelligence quotient, Tan Songyun other time very recruit a person to like, only one Ming Zhen is disgraceful.Come 5 years, “he sa white ghost gull Wei Zhang Liu” rely on intelligence quotient to become the core that bright detect audience looks forward to most gradually.Among them, Bai Jingting performance is particularly bright, it can be said that the program audience almost no one does not like him.High IQ, reasoning ability online, especially good at cracking the chamber of secrets, highlight a moment to catch a lot of.Rely on high intelligence quotient, he still participated in the creative design of bright investigation.Even sa teacher praised him many times, “like him so rigorous logical reasoning, in such a handsome boy is very rare.”Reasoning film and television fans are mostly “strong”, pull other useless, who is the most powerful on the most like who.Not to mention xiao Bai and other guests after running in, burst out a particularly interesting variety sense, there are meme everywhere.”I’ve been a mistress and a parson, and there’s no getting over it.”And the classic, “Here’s another price.”When you have so many choices, it’s hard to find the right path.Bai Jingting may provide a viable path for young actors in the entertainment industry. It doesn’t matter to be a variety show star, the key is to choose the right variety show.It doesn’t matter in the short term if you are in a bad drama. The key is not to relax yourself and build up your strength silently.Bai Yu, also a young actor, chose to take a different path, but fortunately, both paths lead to the same destination.Is the same young actor, variety coffee, Wei Daxun’s choice with small white is not the same, after breaking up the power of that implied “see you how to drill”, it seems that also did not point awake him.After the beginning, Bai Jingting may have really stepped into the door of the film and television industry.Enter, congratulations xiaobai, into the “beginning”.