Buy carefully!Such a building is not a “genuine”, you know where the problem lies?

2022-05-02 0 By

It is a pity to see this real estate, a good real estate was so spoiled.This piece of land is square zhengzheng originally, can plan a very good building project to come out, but development business unluckily wants originality, in order to stand to attention, turned the shape of a square zhengzheng into everywhere is the bad shape of edges and corners.Is around sharp corners, such bad shape tell from the architectural aesthetics, and belongs to the property of low grade, if not the developers do STH unconventional or unorthodox, according to the normal designs now will understand some environment architectural aesthetics (FS) knowledge, if not the estate planning design better but not the “shape” damage so serious.From the point of view of the plot, the property is north and south, which belongs to north and south, and east and west. In order to make north-south, it will naturally become full of edges and corners.Therefore, in the planning concept, we should follow the principle of the law of nature, take the foundation as the foundation, follow the trend, conform to the surrounding environment, and achieve harmony and nature.In the vertical, you can completely consider sitting northwest to southeast, northeast to southwest, or you can choose to sit southwest to northeast, southeast to northwest.In this way, the effectiveness of “the shape of the founder” can be fully highlighted.There are “four positive four dimensions” in environmental aesthetics, at this time do not copy mechanically, must be built on the “four positive”, but can consider building on the “four dimensions”, shape home first pass, in order to speak about the layout behind.Although this kind of real estate plot is square, but the result of the final planning was included in the ranks of the grotesque, have to say it is a pity.This strange shape, not to mention whether it is good at home, is very uncomfortable to the senses.Encounter this kind of real estate to be careful to buy, almost difficult to find livable location.