Concentric fight against epidemic | this family “sports” fight against epidemic

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Do breakfast, listen to the news, read aloud, exercise before meals, in a daze in the afternoon…In the rainbow community of Binjiang District, Jin Yan, who was “stopped” by the epidemic at home, drew up a full schedule early in the morning — the next day, their family will use colorful activities to defeat the epidemic.On January 28, binjiang district added a containment zone, control zone and prevention zone, and Jin Yan’s parents’ home is also within the “three zones”.Jin Yan has two children, her daughter is in sixth grade and her son is a senior in kindergarten.Both of them are doctors and busy at ordinary times. Their children are staying at their grandparents’ house for winter vacation. “I had planned to take the children home after my husband finished his shift.Since I can’t go back, I’ll settle down at my parents’ home for the New Year!”How to live a long life at home?Jin yan discussed with her parents that they should try to get everyone to move during this period. “Exercise has so many benefits, such as moving your body, regulating your mood, improving your sleep and improving your concentration.”Therefore, Jin Yan arranged pre-meal exercise before lunch and dinner.One day at noon, the five members of the three generations of their grandparents and grandchildren organized a passing game. The basketball bounced back and forth in each hand, and in a short time, beads of sweat appeared on the noses and foreheads of the children.Jin said the family agreed to skip rope, keep a diary and write Chinese calligraphy every day in addition to passing the ball.In order to implement the schedule, we also set up a “rule”, with the game to save money, and then use money to exchange gifts, “in fact, it is not really cash, but tokens, in our rules, 50 fen coins on behalf of 5 yuan, children’s Palace game currency, on behalf of 10 yuan.Every night after dinner, gifts can be exchanged.Do your own thing, get 1 point;Control your emotions and not lose your temper, 2 points;Helping others, 3 points.Of course, one point is deducted for swearing…The family was also democratic and unanimously approved the rule by a show of hands.”That’s how we want to keep the kids happy at home.”That afternoon, Jin Yan played chess with her son, and his son won the score.At noon, grandpa cooking, sister and brother do assistant, also got 3 points.The “earned” points can be exchanged for pudding, potato chips and instant noodles, as well as “blank time”, a favorite of Jin yan and her eldest daughter.This year, Jin Yan and her husband won’t be able to celebrate the Lunar New Year together.Jin yan’s husband is a doctor at The Litongde Hospital in Zhejiang Province. The nucleic acid testing team was recently transferred from the department and had to stay in the hospital.”I hope he can protect himself. I’m here at home. Don’t worry,” She said.Jin said that although she was a little worried, she and her family were preparing for a centralized quarantine in order to coordinate with the government’s anti-virus measures. “We will definitely overcome the epidemic if we arrange our lives well,” she said.Text/Meng Jiao editor/Liu Ziyin source/Hangzhou + News Puyan Street