Liaoning part-time agricultural master enrollment colleges and universities inventory: only 3 universities can register oh

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Also have a friend to want to know liaoning province to recruit the school that is not full-time agricultural master recently, I also checked to everybody here, but this province only these 3 colleges recruit not whole agricultural master.Dalian University of Technology (DUT), located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, is one of the earliest four colleges of Light industry in China. It was originally under the administration of the Ministry of Light Industry and was placed under the administration of Liaoning Province in 1998.Currently, only agricultural management is enrolled, but this major is divided into four subdivisions: agricultural economy and policy, agricultural technical Economy and management, agriculture-related enterprise management, and agricultural supply chain management. Moreover, the enrollment of this major is quite large, with 50 students.Shenyang Agricultural University is located at the southern foot of Tianzhu Mountain in the eastern suburbs of Shenyang. It is a national key university mainly managed by Liaoning Province and co-built by Liaoning Province and the Central Government. Currently, it enrolling students in the following majors:Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology, food processing and safety, rural development, resource Utilization and plant protection, and agricultural management. Resource utilization and plant protection are recruited separately by the School of Land and Environment and the School of Plant Protection, mainly because of different training directions.3, dalian ocean university dalian ocean university is located in dalian city, is the State Oceanic Administration and to build colleges and universities in liaoning province, the current admissions professional: fishery development, resource utilization and plant protection, food processing and safety, agricultural engineering and information technology, agricultural management, rural development, management of agriculture and rural development of these two major recruit students the most, each professional has 25 people.If you want to take an examination of liaoning’s non-full-time agricultural master, these colleges and universities are optional, I suggest that you should consider the distance and the number of students.This article by the love of learning xiaobinliu original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!From the network, error or infringement please contact delete!If you still want to know which province or university, you can leave a comment or send me a private message