This is the way you give your sweetheart a gift, and everyone will be happy

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Before the Spring Festival gifts but there is a pay attention to, send the wrong money does not work, send less money for nothing, send more I can not afford to send.How to spend money on the blade, hit the nail on the head, send gifts before the Spring Festival, can ensure a year of good weather.I am a hospital to engage in homosexual construction, through acquaintances to the hospital’s temporary construction contracted up, every year before the Spring Festival gift but a technical work, send bad this year do not mention more unlucky.First of all, the vice president in charge of infrastructure construction is my immediate boss. This year, he dominated the dinner party, which is the main part of the Spring Festival gift, giving 10 jin of beef, plus a box of sea blue.Riding a tricycle with my son, we put things in front of his house and knocked on the door. The vice president winked at me and whispered in my ear, “Five jin of beef and a box of sea blue for nurse Xiao Cao.”I realized it was a tribute from the vice president. His wife, standing at the door, watched us whisper to each other. Seeing that I was a man, she turned and went back into the house.So my son and I followed his address and found the place.Hearing the knock xiao Cao opened the door and saw me suspiciously, while his lover looked at me as if supervising her.Xiao Cao was reluctant to take it at first, but when his wife came back into the room, I said, “This is the top!”I pointed to the sky, “for you to send.”She understood, two red clouds on her face flew up on her cheeks, hefted things and hurried home, as to how she explained to her husband, I do not know.I often breathe a sigh of relief, like an underground worker, you say that now the officer of much shrewdness, to their little lover to send things, so that the wife can not say what, the other party’s husband also have nothing to say.Later, our son reminded us that we had just come out from the deputy dean’s house and met the dean again. Although the magistrate was not in charge of the county, sending him away would do us no harm but good.So I bought another aquamarine and gave it to the dean.Hospital director, vice president sent good, survival is no problem, but also have to take care of all aspects.The money would not arrive until the chief of finance sent him a piece of ham sausage and a case of local wine.The chief of infrastructure section refused to be dismissed. When he was doing the project, he was very picky and made people feel uncomfortable. So he bought some things with the same grade as the chief of finance section and sent them to him.Before the little grandson is sick, live in the surgery, medical section chief gives very good care, before the filial piety he once, and Doctor Wang, effort is not small, buy a cigarette to send once on the line.You also have to grasp the main conflict, grasp the most important dean of this straw, money will be smooth sailing.Sometimes often listen to young people say, in the unit can not go on, some always with the dean of the theater, that have a good day?No matter how capable a person is, he should not make trouble with his immediate superior. Soon the vice president sent me a text message and sent me the construction work of the hospital in the coming year. He also made a lot of money this year.I realize that this is the only way to give a gift to a little lover!