Wanlin Logistics (603117.SH) : Expected loss of 120 million yuan to 145 million yuan in 2021

2022-05-02 0 By

Wanlin Logistics (603117.SH) announced the 2021 annual performance loss announcement, according to the preliminary estimate of the financial department of Jiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co., LTD., it is expected that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 will be -120 million yuan to -145 million yuan.Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 is expected to range from -120 million yuan to -145 million yuan after deducting non-recurring gains and losses.The main reason for the performance deficit: due to the continuous impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic and changes in domestic and international economic situation, some customers’ payment collection and settlement lag behind, resulting in a relatively long actual payment collection and settlement cycle.In accordance with the principle of prudence and considering the forward-looking impact, the company’s preliminary analysis and test showed that the increase of expected loss rate and aging of accounts led to a substantial increase in the planned credit impairment loss and a decline in the company’s profit during the reporting period.The specific amount of impairment shall be determined after auditing by an accounting firm and deliberation by the board of directors.