Yanxujia was brought home for the night of the girl zhang Zifeng unexpectedly?Net friend break prevent: whole myocardial infarction

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Today, February 16, Zhang Zifeng was put on the trending search list, and nine in a row were all related to Zhang Zifeng.Know the reason of the net friend is very unexpected, have shout: not, why so hard?It turns out that yanxu Jia, a member of the boy band, brought a girl home on Valentine’s Day. They both wore the same style of coat. After sleeping all night, the girl left in the morning.Careful netizens dig out, the girl from the dress, height, to running posture and Zhang Zifeng are similar — mobile phone shell, walking posture are like — since Zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia scandal broke, Yanxu Jia’s personal social media quiet, nothing, and sister Zhang Zifeng’s weibo fell.Many netizens and die-hard fans left comments in the comments section.”Save..It is understandable that a sister wants to fall in love, but she should not find a boyfriend in a garbage can.Why are you looking for a man in the garbage?I don’t…”Some are more blunt advice: Zhang Zifeng you awake, if it is you immediately hit fly drop run, not you please immediately clarify, see the degree of myocardial infarction after the melon.The girl in the video is suspected of zhang Zifeng and fans love dearly Zhang Zi zhang: younger sister, don’t blind!Don’t let you fall in love, yanxu even.All the people’s message, almost is the same meaning, hurriedly refuted rumors, against Zhang Zifeng and Yanxujia together.You can see how bad that is.Of course, everyone’s worry is reasonable, Yanjia has many scandals, his ex-girlfriend also hit him, some netizens ridicule him, in addition to bringing different girls home for the night famous, there is no other works.And little sister Zhang Zifeng is pure girl completely however, the aspirant schoolgirl that makes a career typically.They don’t belong in the same world.Like Zhang Zifeng net friend cry: “Son maple ah, please don’t be you, I shit heart attack, if determine the situation, I really like the degree will directly fall below zero, don’t become the second pony, please, promise me!”Zhang Zifeng’s comments are more worried than her parents…Actually, celebrity relationships happen all the time, but they are mostly hidden.Zhang Zifeng is not love beans do not rely on fans, it is estimated that they do not care too much about the feeling of fans, I like it, fans advised stars, feeling is its own will not reason.Yanxu although love beans, but generally feel this object is very good, fans have been actively seeking resources.’They’re both 20 years old, so what’s wrong with falling in love?’ another user said flatly.I think the fans are getting too involved.It is reported that Zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia are classmates of Nortel, and they also hosted the 70th anniversary of Nortel together.Of course, as melon eaters, or believe or spread rumors, wait for Zhang Zifeng’s response.Ps: Do you think the girl in the video is Zhang Zifeng?