Group 529 of “Boundless Study”

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No. 529 group mountain residence/Lin Hai Secluded valley a clear spring, pine fog with sleep.Flying music of nature, the hermit yi fu string.Small courtyard article/Lin Haiyue under the piano, a window of a bamboo forest, the wind blowing music, small courtyard locked deeply.Ask butterfly before flower/Lin Hai butterfly kiss peony branch, thousands of flowers in full bloom.Fragrant fragrant courtyard, or you alone crazy?Spring rain have drunk railing, let the drip wet clothes.Wine adds an inviting guest, peonies bloom in thick green clumps.Peach blossom for whom to open/Lin Hai peach blossom asked for who to open, has been nearly incomplete spring dream again.I remember holding hands and smiling red gills under the tree.Peony mu Rain mu oblique wind, lonely who small courtyard east.Ask injury spring who xu meaning?Borrowed verse sent in red.Alone sigh flower preampt/Lin Hai sky charming yan unique strange, peony first mo suspect.Where did you enjoy it?Alone sigh flower ex rain deceit.Peony flowers fall text/Lin Hai Peony flowers fall dream waste, ask floating life and geometry?A love affair into the past, into the heart also feel more pain.Already lovesick?Peonies in dreams wake up desolate.Moon reflected bed before continued difficult, wall sway good figure.Tears with cloth clothes, sit up heart is difficult to fix.The past back and forth in the heart, has been lovesick?The breeze rises, swallows fly double in the blue sky.Cascading terraced fields run green, sanyang Pit Xu Bu Sunset red.Sanyang Pit: Qingtian Sanyang Kengwen/Sanyang Kengling, the path deep.Pavilions for habitat shadow, oriole xian good sound.Sanyang Pit: Sanyang Kengwen/Lin Hai terraces cascade birds and fly, with small courtyard enclosures just sown with green seedlings.People Yang Keng crazy scenery, cattle with the sunset return.Sanyang Pit: Sanyang Kengwen/A water buffalo, rice seedlings just inserted green.Sanyang Keng spring scenery to add emotion, willows with the wind more wan soft.Sanyang Pit: Sanguan Pavilion/View sanguan Pavilion from afar, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and flowers.Spring to pond grass hidden green, when the smell of fish jumping.Mountain small farmers, stacked terraced fields.The new rice seedlings return to cattle, the scenery sanyang Pit good.Sanyang Pit: Sanyang Pit sanguan Emperor/Linhai Granite Quarry, who asks Sanyang Pit?In the haze of mountains and rivers, there are dust stains.Yesterday at the Three official Pavilion, the Emperor did not prostrate.White water still flowing, devil fire still flame.Sanyang Pit: Qingtian Sanyang Pit Wen/Forest Sea With clouds in the wind.Yang Yang pit out of the world.Small yard farm.Sitting by the hedge sipping tea.The Emperor of Three officials.Eucalyptus trees are magnificent.Love is like a mountain village.Keep your soul in peach land forever.Spring shoots, swallows also double, two or three butterflies dance through cold Windows.Who again to the peach blossom shore, worry heavy tears wet pang.Leaning on the window into a dream/The peach blossoms falling like a wheel, no beauty drunk people.Late at night more than four, leaning on the window to dream or come true.Where are the sparrows?Never stop making noise feather ash, sparrows looking for insects love to pile up.Or is it difficult to find food in the countryside?Only two or three times in the field.Sell vegetable farmer Weng Wen/Lin Hai vegetables in the pumpkin basket fresh, selling sound with morning smoke.Farmers carry a pole in the streets, tired to receive a few dollars?Qingtian Baozhuan Street, 1979 Secluction field article/Forest Sea Wind blowing grass birds flying, farming in the morning and returning at night.Even life empty, poetic heart and wine heart violation.Rain season text/Lin Hai rain coming cold, new buds old willow birds warbler huan.Spring breeze wonderful pen tender point, who cherish mountain people alone lean on the railing?Rain time article/Lin Hai drizzle wash dust, brook gurgling grass color new.Wind lane tender feelings flower to burst, why not see last year’s person?Spring breeze yan Ziwen/Lin Hai black clothes white trousers small bridge east, cut the new mill for sewing red.Only to add beauty to the world, willow branches cut dance spring breeze.Spring is getting old when the peach blossoms fall.He who leans on his appendix asks the willow warbler, but says dusk is good.In the past, the most unforgettable, had drunk flowers early.The four eyes have been feeling, but the wind blew.Clouds in the sky, clouds in the water.Meaning appendix, fragrance where.Want to ask return, blue bird fly, small court window.Ask peach blossom, the wind and defeat.Spring is gone, time flies.Never forget, acacia into harm.Beautiful woman in the dream, sweet at the bottom of the sleeve, deep sea.Then love, eternal life waiting.Drunk the sky a cloud, wine pot warm, the heart burned.Peony branch, blossom to wait for who?And I dream of my old love, and stand among the flowers till dusk.Peony does not wait for last year/Lin Hairi warm wind and late spring, peony does not wait for last year.Butterfly bees flying as old, full of residual flowers tears wet wipes.Buried flowers culture/Lin Hai Small lotus sharp horn like exploring the morning, night rain affectionate farewell to spring.Township courtyard peach fly dyed ground, hedgerow side drunk buried flower people.Beishan/Lin Hai The peach branches are reflected in the light of dawn, and the flowers are blooming at this time.Beishan thousand canyon, beauty is late.Beishan Qianxia Lake: Beishan Qianxia Lake, Qingtian, Zhejiang, with peach trees and golden leaves.And like the spring breeze blowing gentle, beautiful bending imminent.Heart tell you know, then double butterfly.Do dye flower fold branch hand, small red note stick.Beishan Qianxia Lake: Qianxia Lake in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province.Wake which peach tree?Qianxia Pinghu Yin good scenery, forget the way back.A bird whispers in the grass on the shore.Memories, difficult to hide the heart.Look at the blue water, the boat waves, only my sad place.Last night, the east wind dark into the xuan, pond clear water reflecting the blue sky.Busy wicker send spring news, flower leisurely butterfly dream huan.Poetry, strings.A white goose flaps the water to test the mountain spring.Hedgerows cook wine still hesitating, not good people uneasy.Flowers fall in spring twilight/Lin Hai Spring twilight wind more flowers fall.Is not heartless, are looking for sweet news.Dancing wind about asked.Love is willing to hate with spring.Dream river’s lake heart broken inch.Elegant with cloud, own world hate.Cross a thousand mountains to teach.Beautiful woman to date without faith.At the beginning of the dream of humanity/Lin Hai thunder faddy water Manjin, night to wash the spring rain dust.But regardless of heart haggard, still read the original dream people.Beautiful begonia in front of the court, beautiful flowers tender bud love the morning sun.When holding the hand where, dream often think and slim.Peach blossoms fall all over the garden, with only birds singing in the branches.The lingering fragrance is not reduced, but the wind is everywhere.Tower hill renovation has a sense of article/Lin Hai yucheng Song Tower to the top of the clouds, full reading oujiang story extension.Want to ask the truth where mirror, poor old change new.Tower Mountain: Zhejiang Qingtian Golden Rooster Mountain/Forest Sea like the winding road open, golden rooster waiting for guests.Light car more to the peak, without the world of mortals.Golden Rooster: Golden Rooster Mountain, Qingtian Four du Golden Rooster Mountain text/Lin Hai Golden Rooster mountain early climb, spring warm wind slightly rising sun.Into the eyes of the crowd of hills gently dance sleeves, morning smoke dispersed clouds, golden rooster: Golden Rooster Mountain, Qingtian Four capital Golden Rooster Mountain/Forest Sea Years like dust wind, idle clouds compose the blue sky.On top of Golden Rooster Mountain, waiting for the red sunset.Golden rooster: Golden Rooster Mountain, Qingtian Four du Golden Rooster mountain culture/Lin Hai golden rooster scenery fans, the top of the mountain and the sky.Good dream spring breeze send, yellow warbler to the fog crowed.Jinji: Jinji Mountain, Qingtian Four capital Jinji Mountain culture/Lin Haishan high extremely lofty wall, the horizon is boundless.Don’t say floating clouds can blot out the sun, golden chicken with my wine three times.Jinji: Jinji Mountain, Qingtian Sidu Car Longwen/Lin Hai wine tasting in the farmhouse, car Longshan road far.Eaves before the moon rose, has forgotten to return home.Dragon car: Qingtian Siduyang Heart Car Longwen/Lin Hai hold the rod to car dragon, warbler sound to companion.Taoyuan scenery fans, xianqi spring breeze warm.Dragon car: Qingtian Sidu Sanyang Heart Che Longwen/Lin Haichen Shine on che long birds charming, Xiayun shu roll any wind floating.Murmuring stream water is like the sound of nature, how afraid to find the steep path of fairy.Dragon car: Qingtian Sidu Sanyang Xin Chelongwen/Lin Haichen As the slope fog like smoke, climb with a stick to be pulled by the wind.Branches of birds to phase v. People to the car dragon can find fairy.Dragon Car: Qingtian Sido Sanyang Xinhuangshutan Di Wen/Lin Hai leisure clouds and rolling.The warbler on the branch chirps.Bursts of morning breeze to accompany, Lin Mihua magic.Yellow tree tandi farmers, climbing bamboo stick in hand.This is the soul of poetry invited, one step a wonderful work.Huangshutan Bottom: Huangshutan bottom wen/Linhai Huangshutan bottom slope is high in Qingtian Sido Sanyang.Stream spring chuan Qu yun piao.The morning breeze dances.Companion warbler.No fear of the way to find the fairy.The bottom of huangshutan: Qingtian sanyang/Birds do not sing in the drizzle, falling flowers fall into dust and mud at night.First sprout sprout, spring sanyang Pit scenery fans.Sanyang Pit: Sanyang Kengwen/Linhai terraced fields surround the Ridges, fertile soil with yellow wildflowers.There are sanyang pits everywhere in the villages.Sanyang Pit: Qingtian sanyang Pit is surrounded by wild flowers and surrounded by sea.If you would not leave spring, summer will always urge you.Four cities alone by the diaphragm heartache text/Forest sea east wind like a dream.Rain at night, the pond green waves.Old tree bonus, are old visitors ode.Bustling dream wake up a few degrees, do not understand who.Count only, when young, hold hand side by side also altogether.Alone with the aperture heartache.Spring gone, gratuitous and cold.Don’t worry about parting, tears gushing with twilight clouds.Acacia the most difficult message, hate at the beginning, how to send.Read sea oath, not desirable, scared dream fear.Lin Hai closes his eyes.Ying ying of tears.Let you willow branch deep into my world, a paragraph, another paragraph of love.The branches sprouted, took out the young leaves, my loneliness, woke up.Your gentleness, across the life cycle, has become ice./ Close your eyes.Ying ying of tears.Dripping, into the stars in the sky.The willow branches in my body are still green.White Sanyang Water Text/Sanyang Water gurgling.By the roadside, sat an old farmer.Accompany, a dyed gray pine.He looked ahead and his eyes were empty./ Boom, there was a loud bang and the sky shook.The smoke rose white.Huge granite, falling with the sound, a nightmare.Trucks, carrying dozens of tons of boulders, pass east of the village.Road, can not bear the pressure, tore a seam.Old farmer, heartache.At that time, his wife was seriously ill.Sell pigs, sell poultry, but spend money to build roads, good people only care about the people.The old farmer stood like a pine tree.Frozen.Water of sanyang pit, gurgling.Flowing white water, thick.There is no phoenix in the sky.To whom is the complaint addressed?/ the old farmer.Tears recite.Accompanied by a white – headed pine.And the white sanyang water, thick.Rain falls on Lin Hai, making his face wet.A person, walking, eyes, is a curved and long alley.There were no doors and no Windows./ In hand, a rusty key, again and again, banging on the thick wall.Despair!With hope again!Where are you?Is not clear, rain, or tears, broken heart, wet face.In a long, winding alley…/ [images]