No white!Toyota’s three new cars came on the market, 5.7L fuel consumption is only more than 120,000, people who know cars say good

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With China’s large population base and the continuous improvement of infrastructure also driving consumer demand, car companies are also innovating in this field.As the global car hegemon, Toyota has always maintained a relatively strong competitiveness in China, and in order to better segment the market, Toyota also launched three new SUV models in succession in the first month of 2022 for the first time.Looking at this, Toyota is going to make a big push in suVs.The first is the FAW Toyota Corolla, with a guide price of 129,800 to 169,800 yuan.Whether you know about cars or not, I believe that corolla this model is a lot of people have heard of.As one of Toyota’s best-selling models, corolla occupies the world’s top sales for many years, and this Ruifang is based on the North American version of the Corolla based on Toyota’s new TNGA platform.In terms of the appearance design of Corolla SUV version, the overall shape integrates THE ELEMENTS of R AV4 Highlander and Toyota’s latest family style design. At the same time, the details are surrounded by a large area of black, giving it a strong crossover atmosphere, and the visual effect is quite tough. Ed headlights are integrated with both near and far light.It not only provides a good view, ensures safe driving at night, but also reduces energy consumption, killing multiple birds with one stone.At 4,460 x 1,825 x 1,620 mm in length, width and height, and 2,640 mm in wheelbase performance, the Corolla Is an entry-level compact SUV, but it’s a competitive size for a joint venture in its price range.Secondly, it is more comprehensive in configuration and more purely close to the home market. For example, all series of models are equipped with safety configuration such as knee airbag, tire pressure display, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance and active brake.As for the power, it took Toyota’s 2.0 -liter engine, the maximum output of 171 horsepower, the maximum torque of 209 meters, data manifestation is general, but due to the design which USES lightweight, so push up very easily, also with the cooperation of the CVT transmission, comprehensive consumption of just 6.2 litres, a low fuel consumption performance of the SUV models,So will you choose this model?The second is GaC Toyota front landa, the car is currently priced from 125,800 to 169,800 or has a relatively good market competitiveness, as corolla, Reefer brother models, front landa is not too big difference in body size and powertrain, the same is 2.0 liter self-priming engine,With 171 horsepower and 209 nm of torque output, the power performance is not as good as most models with T on the market, but it is better in fuel economy and stability, after all, 5.7 liters of 100km fuel consumption is not every manufacturer dare to declare.Secondly, in the appearance design, the model of the Japanese version of the corolla is more original, which will be more athletic than the Ruifang.The shape of the front face is unique, only retaining the lower part of the air intake grille design, more futuristic.The dimensions of the body are 4485 x 1825 x 1620 mm, and the wheelbase is 2640 mm. The overall ride space is relatively abundant, so there is no problem to meet the daily travel of a family of five.In addition, the trunk of the conventional volume is 438 litres, the rear seat can be put down, in addition to security configuration is rich, in addition to routine in front of the head airbags, also equipped with a knee airbags, and front row are standard on the head in addition to the minimum distribution models, is equipped with lane departure warning, lane keep assist and active brake function, is above the average in the model at the same level,Car friends if have buy car plan, can refer to draw lessons from.The third model is GAC Toyota Vusa. If The Fernanda is Toyota’s attempt to grab the market of 150,000 level, then Vusa is to continue to consolidate the competitiveness of Toyota series SUVs in the 200,000 to 300,000 level.There are many interpretations of Visa’s positioning, ranging from a deluxe, stretched version of the R AV4 to a simplified Lexus.On the outside, it has a bit of a Lexus charm, with a swooping front and sharp lines that make it look sporty.Secondly, the body length of 4780mm plus 1855mm width and 2690mm wheelbase, so that the car has a spacious and comfortable ride space, and the body of sharp lines, extending to taste, more three-dimensional.In terms of interior design, Sa is also a change from Toyota’s humble normal, which has made a big breakthrough in both materials and modeling. The color matching of upper and lower double colors is more hierarchical, and the large area of soft materials also ensures the luxury of the car.Visa still uses Toyota’s 2.0 self-primings and 2.5 two-engine engines with stable performance. Thanks to Toyota’s excellent control of fuel consumption, the combined fuel consumption of the 2.0 engine is less than 6 liters with the simulated 10-speed CVT transmission. The two-engine version not only has excellent power performance, but also has a high fuel consumption.And has a comprehensive range of more than 1000 kilometers and 4.5 liters of ultra-low fuel consumption, can be said to really do let the horse run and do not give the horse to eat grass.Do you think these SUVs will help Toyota make a big breakthrough?