Capital, How should You be Treated?

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All things in the world, in all shapes and forms, all of them belong to one domain.Social governance is regional, comprehensive and macroscopic, so it is necessary to emphasize systematic, macro and bottom-line thinking.Social category, in addition to politics, economy, culture, social ethos, ecological environment.Political, economic, cultural, social and ecological development should all be taken into consideration in overall social governance.Therefore, in the new era, we should emphasize the five-sphere integrated plan.Money and capital are only a tool that can be used by numerous means of governance in social governance. They belong to the category of economic construction and material wealth.Social wealth, in addition to material wealth, and spiritual wealth.And money, capital, is only a material wealth tool of man, not the tool that mankind must use.In the era of barter, rationing, and the allocation of human and material resources according to the planned economy, there was no need to use money and capital as instruments.For example, the fight against and exterminate the epidemic can be a total war or a people’s war, in which human and material resources are fully mobilized to ensure the safety and health of the people — at this point, currency, money, capital and capitalists can all take a back step.Money and capital are not natural material wealth.The natural resources and energy between heaven and earth are the natural wealth, feeding and supporting human beings.Social governance should not serve capitalism or the expansion of capital.Government officials, should not be associated with capital, for capital platform, high regard for capital, support the disorderly expansion of capital……As a social administrator, we must be fair and just, put the hearts of the people at the forefront, serve the people with sincerity, and put the people at the center. We must not allow capital and finance to exploit the people, oppress them, enslave them, cheat them or plunder them…Recently, in China’s economic work, there is a saying: “Give full play to the positive role of capital as a factor of production, while effectively controlling its negative role.”We should set up traffic lights for capital, strengthen effective supervision of capital in accordance with the law, and prevent the wild growth of capital…”Six or seven years ago, the Left spin net near the West Lake in Hangzhou had such an article “Power into the cage, capital into the cage…””, “Three go and one complement”, hinting at the evils of Capitalism “:” The purpose of capital entering the cage is not to be cold economically.”We should oppose the worship of money and ensure that the economy is operated not only for profit, but also for the sake of equity, justice, conscience and kindness…”… (the year of the ox JiDong ZePan yunmeng), from, * *, 968 chang DE city youth