Sun Sheng-monkey was escorting Jin Chan zi on his way to buddhist scriptures when he met the Black hairy Dog demon King

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Text: Ji Shi soul sun holy monkey, he in the five elements of the mountain under the shining heart of the Buddha!Reflect on the true meaning of five hundred years, where a long time waiting for predestined relationship to meet the west travel mortals xiuxian inside the golden cicada master Tang Seng!After all, he was his own savior!Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva, her enlightenment!Understood, monkey life is really not easy!A from the mundane world, slowly through the three generations of reincarnation!Through to the fairyland inside, become a mortal hou well-off!In the more realistic life, oneself suffer all sorts of miserable fate blow below!Realized that the road of life is very difficult to enter a new journey!Since their birth, to the school during the way to read!Met, the mortal monastic world!In the dark of night, there was a wolfhound!It barks loudly, the meaning is to say that want to bully mortal wait well off!In this more realistic global village, life always often meet some people and creatures!Like to pick those, weak and weak persimmon to pinch!Because, they are doomed to have no ability to fight back!That is, when they are pinched!Is complete, does not have that kind of rebound ability!So now he is well off at this time!Is also the same, in the fairyland inside!Always, how much can meet those bully young man molest!Beyond the three worlds, in this more complicated reality of cruel life!People, in order to make a living against heaven and conscience!The implementation of the fight, fight and kill has become a normal!Some for fame and fortune, some for gold and jewels!There are people who do it for — for girls!A fierce attack, killing and taking a slow – heating measure!So, in this mortal world!The final distance, or panic!Measure and contrast for the sake of liberty!Under the cloud thunderbolt flame mountain, there is a place called black cloud pressure city city to destroy the flame monster hole inside!There lives a vicious black – haired demon king!Because, it is in the fairyland!At that time, is to belong to Hou xiaokang!Inside his neighbour’s house, what raises is a hide dog!By the village people, they call them black Wolf dogs!It often, came to hou well-off home inside beg for delicious!For once, it was just like any other day!Come, wait to beg for delicious food inside the well-off home!Inadvertently, wait well-off mother!She’s in the middle of a poultry retreat!He put in a poison called Serial Killer!The whole point is to get those rats to eat food in secret!Unexpectedly, that day in the chance!I was, uh, mistaken by that black dog!Within half an hour or so, he saw the black-haired wolfdog!It, its eyes turn white!Foaming at the mouth, rolling in the mud!Just met, hou Xiao Kang he came back from work!His mom kept nagging him, so he opened the skylight!Jumped down, fell into the world of the abyss of the black river!Falling inside and outside of the three worlds, blue water waves rolling in the melodious of the world of love songs!By a gust of evil wind, blowing up!Spinning and showing off in midair, falling slowly out of the sky!Hou xiaokang, he is not careful to fall down the pressure on the black fur Wolf dog body!Feel soft, very comfortable!Hou xiaokang, of course, he is more comfortable!What a pity, that black wolfdog!It is different, their original fate or can continue!Or, there is a chance to dissolve that poison, so that their lives continue to survive!But now, be hou xiaokang this waste stream!No money, crushed to death!At that time, the inside and outside of the three world just met the west journey myth fantasy game world of people!That one, when the demon monkey caused havoc in heaven!Buddha, with the five elements of the mountain to surrender!Directly, was knocked down in the five elements of the mountain for five hundred years!This ancient rhyme tea whirlwind west Rosy cloud fairy scattered flower dance of wuzhishan, become the fairyland inside the survival of the ruyi Tianhu village!That is, the monkey family to survive down the mountain seal demon city!Now, hou xiaokang he of course from ordinary people to become Buddha!Through the ordinary ordinary life in this world!By the real life of the five elements of the mountain pressure, have been out of breath!He wanted to be free, under the guidance of nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva, the elder sister of three teachers in the Buddhist circle!Oneself slowly, recall the matter of mortal cultivation!Therefore, he must have a good practice and understand the true meaning!Said: Buddha and ordinary people, both have Buddha nature!The place where the soul belongs is wisdom and fate!