Uni-t controls the wind of movement with the power of thunder

2022-05-04 0 By

Uni-t Sport edition with the momentum of thunder, catch the wind of the movement of a glance, the eyes no longer want to go.From then on, the world’s focus is on this.Uni-t dynamic body, supported by the Aurora sports kit, harnesses the visual impression of hair-trigger. As far as the eye can see, there are 12 colors of sharp power. You can Pick dynamic yellow and dynamic orange to choose, and choose any combination with 6 colors of car.The newly designed motion surrounds the 360-degree widening body, and the collision streamlines flow between the black carbon fiber textures, just like the aurora flowing in the dark.Vertical tail fin with V-shaped spoiler, build a strong three-dimensional sense, cut resistance, wind and ride.Sports luxury cabin constantly attack, inside and outside repair.Interior with new color matching, dynamic.Suede like material, bring soft and smooth touch experience.Fusion of modern aesthetics, deduce a new sport luxury