A deeply moving man of filial piety

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I met him about a decade ago at a dinner party hosted by a friend. At the time, I estimated he was about 50 years old, quiet and quiet.He has a special act of filial piety for his parents is very touching, let me still unforgettable.After the reform and opening up, he was one of the early businessmen who became rich.After I met him, he took me to visit a small gray house he had built years before in a deep valley with trees and streams.In the east was a small bedroom, and against the north wall was a single, fully covered bed. On the west wall was a dark table. On the table, side by side, were two urns with photographs of an elderly man and woman.”This is my parents’ urn,” he said as he showed me around. “I didn’t build this little house for fun. I built it for my parents to stay here for a long time.The little bedroom was solemn and a little gloomy.I really don’t know how he can sleep alone at night in this remote mountain cabin, I would have run away, it is not that I do not know filial piety, but I certainly will not go to filial piety in this way.Because I only have one side of knowledge, I will listen to what others say. There are many questions and mysteries swirling around in my heart, but I just don’t open my mouth to ask him, nor do I want to disturb his inner world.Why he did it, and why he did it differently, or even why he did it differently, is not what I am trying to pursue in this article.I see it this way. Maybe there’s something shocking going on here. Could it be that his parents died in a car crash or plane crash at the same time, and he’s just not coming to terms with it for a while?Could it be…For the reason of this matter, I do not want to think much, do not want to go to too much speculation, I only want to adhere to their own positive view: I admire his filial piety, I admire his filial piety.