A jeongdeok man insulted 110 after drinking and shouted, Put me in jail.

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Xin ‘an Evening News anhui network Anhui news – according to anhui police, recently, living in Jingde County cheng after drinking wine, no car home, which makes him hit the 110 idea.So, cheng dialed the 110 police call, police police to send a car to send him home.Subsequently, Cheng repeatedly called 110 police, and in the phone repeatedly insulted 110 police officers.The policeman warned Cheng not to insult him, but instead of stopping, cheng shouted, “Put him in jail again!”Jeongdeok police immediately summoned Cheng to the police station for investigation.For disturbing the order of the unit, cheng was administratively detained for ten days and fined 500 yuan.Source: Anhui Net