China does what it says!In the early morning, two Chinese military planes flew to the southern hemisphere, and So did Japan

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Humanity is still too small for nature, and it is sometimes hard for a single country to respond adequately to natural disasters.For example, the recent undersea volcanic eruption in the South Pacific island nation of Tonga has plunged the country into a huge crisis.After the eruption tonga was cut off from the rest of the world, and it took a long time to restore contact.An undersea volcano then erupted and triggered a tsunami, which has caused many deaths.Tonga is a small country. After such a huge disaster, how to carry out post-disaster reconstruction in time and minimize the damage caused by the disaster has become the biggest problem tonga is facing at present.At this critical moment, China lent a helping hand by sending two Y-20s carrying more than 33 tons of emergency supplies to Tonga. China’s move was warmly welcomed by tonga.China’s assistance to Tonga can be divided into three batches. First, the Chinese Embassy in Tonga immediately collected part of the disaster relief materials to provide to the Tongan government.This was followed by the second batch of emergency relief supplies worth 20 million RMB and three batches of emergency humanitarian cash.Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Tongan Foreign Minister Utoikamanu on the matter. Wang briefed Tonga on the aid package and also mentioned that some of China’s supplies will be transported to Tonga by Chinese military aircraft and warships.Recently, two Y-20 ships left Guangzhou for Tonga.The y-20 is currently in the spotlight as a transport aircraft, the voyage is also seen as a practical significance of overseas transport mission.Due to many uncontrollable factors in Tonga, this transport mission is actually quite dangerous, for which The Chinese side has prepared a number of emergency plans.Military experts said that for the Chinese air force, this voyage is of great significance for the Y-20 to learn from experience.According to media reports, other countries besides China have also taken action to help, but the process has not been smooth.Four of the SDF personnel involved in the assistance operation have confirmed novel Coronavirus cases. As a result, the transport mission has had to be temporarily suspended, and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force has been unable to use transport aircraft to transport support supplies.But this is bad news for Tonga, which is facing shortages.Next, the international community must continue to pay attention.Source for some information: Frontier Moment