How to quickly enter the asset light labor dispatch blue collar recruitment track

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Hello, if you want to quickly enter the labor industry, not to open a labor store, not to open a labor company, these early costs are too large, and the industry has a general requirement for ability, relatively high requirements for experience, with experience to rule out a lot of risks.Service industry guest unit price + started in 1000, is you every hiring an employee orientation, basic can get 1000, if you get a long return, in-service half a year, you return fee of the half a year, in a year you for return of the year, according to three dollars an hour, employees to work 10 hours a day, your commission is 30 yuan, 26 days to work,26*30=780 yuan, which means you can get 780 yuan every month, and you can get it all the time. If you have a stable employee, your monthly income is still quite good. This is the charm of labor service track, which can accumulate compound interest.Personal income can be perfect with a small company.Labor export big province, shandong, henan, jiangxi, mainly concentrated in the provincial economy is not developed, and a large population, the need to domestic output, looking for more chance to make money, more very person labor bosses in henan, large population, labor service export big province in sharing how light assets before execution, please allow me in a line or two,The name of the provincial labor group attributes and labels to introduce the attributes and labels of the provincial labor personnel.Henan province: labor competition is intense, interested in daily single for a long time, every migrant workers in ten million, henan people honest, steadfast, don’t say nonsense, do a good job, but henan people is more, where can meet person of hometown, easily bonded, easy high things in the company, so few years before there is part of the factory don’t accept from henan, basic no now.In shandong province: local enterprise salary and short of expectations, the requirement to the high salary is more, can bear, as long as the money is in place, such as the seamen’s wages, but the shandong people really work, mainly in shandong province, west of zaozhuang, linyi, liaocheng, for example, where the main is the Yangtze river delta and the beijing-tianjin-hebei in both directions.Jiangxi province:Lack of local business, say a word in heart, jiangxi people’s grievances, caused the jiangxi province people’s out looking for a job very much, even more than the migrant population in henan province, but their work does not directly go to Yangtze river delta, also won’t go to the pearl river delta, they also choose a zhejiang province close to home, such as jinhua city in zhejiang province, also belongs to jinhua, yiwu, you know,These are the choices of Jiangxi people.To work in jinhua jiangxi people mainly shangrao, jiujiang, yingtan, fuzhou, yichun, etc. If you don’t go to zhejiang, jiangxi people will choose to go to shenzhen, mainly in ganzhou, gian, nanchang and other places will choose after guangzhou, hangzhou, dongguan, ningbo, Shanghai, jiangxi people see these cities is jiangxi people speak mandarin, there are too many local dialect, the dialects of different city two people didn’t understand completely,Hunan province: Hunan is also a big labor export province, but hunan people like to go to the Pearl River Delta, the location has a natural advantage, because the god of wealth is the Yangtze River Delta Shanghai area, these familiar with the evil is not much, do not do too much introduction, do not understand the no say.People in Anhui and Hunan like to go to places close to their homes, so they go to the Yangtze River Delta, especially Jiangsu and Shanghai. Now the Yangtze River Delta also includes the whole province of Anhui. Sichuan province:Lack of local resources, and the output big province, people’s thumb up here for YunGuiChuan, migrant workers in YunGuiChuan out people, on the whole can bear more than henan anhui rural people, more can do work well, here is the general, not specific refers to, not for anyone, Shanxi Province, shanxi notoriously don’t like to go out, afraid of being cheated, our staff but also is relatively stable after three:Out the whole northeast basic to Beijing’s migrant workers or more, like to do the rider, net about car drivers, and so on the above we put the basic attributes of recruiting employees and introduce again, if you can stick to see here that you are interested in this bag first, let’s focus on share a net recruit blue-collar execution path, fasten your seat belt, and began to start.What are the channels of online recruitment?· Free channels Paid channels Free channels are mainly we-media platforms, assisted by other platforms, to obtain a large amount of wechat every day, and then do a good job in the maintenance of private flow. Long-term transactions are good. Paid channels also attract people to wechat, and maintain and deliver wechat groups for a long time.Why put the wechat group in front of said, because the customer process is short, quick, but the corresponding threshold is also high, need to have a few registration time is relatively long.Micro signal, the new number whether add group, or add people, are easy to be sealed, with a micro signal can add 200-500- looking for a job wechat group, you have 10 such micro signal, there are 2000-5000 groups of natural flow is the pool, the difficulty of getting customers is not big, but the attribute of the micro channel group to find more day end, or is short-term,Such a list of profits is not high, but which to long-term customer is also good, and then from the daily knot crowd to guide long-term single, every guide a person, you basically have 1000+ income, in fact, the return ratio is full of good.The acquisition method of wechat group is mainly to buy or change groups. There are so many wechat groups, even if blue-collar recruitment is not done, the effect is not too bad. There are special people to do the work of selling groups.New people get wechat group mainly to buy the group, and then buy the group inside to change the group can, multiple account accumulation, fast accumulation of 100.Wechat group is not difficult, through the software to group hair.Tieba douban post bar and what are the benefits of douban flow, he is a continuous flow yes, in the post bar and douban after Posting, set-top reply, every day to flow is very good, communication difficulty is not great, quality is higher than WeChat group, but no WeChat group of large amount, I explained, here is not to do is stick by software automatically,Manual manual is certainly not realistic if the account is blocked, you can communicate with the account, a few cents to a few dollars.Douyin and Kuaishou here I focus on Douyin, after all, The speed of Douyin is faster than Kuaishou, a work exploded soon a fan.At present, labor service sharing or job sharing on Douyin is mainly through oral broadcasting. Write the copy in advance, and then read it according to the copy. Try to avoid marketing content when reading it, otherwise it is easy to be restricted.On the titles and current limiting this problem, the effective solution is to do the blue certification, 6 dollars a year, a business license, certification two blue-collar trill, the type of the business license is the human resources, the second is the enterprise management, business consulting, don’t seek what soho, the ass is not horse mouth business license to certification, or is a heap of trouble,People don’t trust you when they see you as unreliable.Trill, operating in the cities service company they do is not much, it is not even, why is this so, a line of city resources, most services companies are doing the upstream, negative your single, you don’t do recruitment, and in the provincial capital city, the 234 cities in hiring methods lack of cases, they go all out to do trill.It is quite normal for a Douyin account to support a company. There are tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of fans. People who make phone calls every day are very good at consulting work.Trill account spell is content, you can go to trill in search of human resources, labor sent these keywords, look at their peers do, my side has a lot of trill do great boss, and they have many times communication, communication topic is how to make content every day, the resonance of the staff, cause the interaction between employees, so as to absorb more flow is, and then let the employees about good customers,Just deliver value.I said above trill operation ability test of a man or a lot of, a threshold is a good thing, if you do not get these, you can use a trill do not often use, to others do better trill to intercept, to find a job in DMS, the effect is very good, because the customer, in the work to match, if not clinch a deal,Active to add to find a job wechat is also concurrently, long-term accumulation, believe in the power of compound interest.In addition to oral live outbound, some companies will choose to take real factory photos when making content, and take real factory scenes for employees when they enter the factory.Whether it is factory content, oral broadcast, or funny jokes of female dormitory, its essence is to show to the people who want to watch, so there are many channels to obtain stream for free. At present, Douyin is still the main market, so we can focus on douyin operation.Pay channel pay channel is the recruitment website pay to buy traffic, because here involves a lot of sensitive content, can not say very detailed, I probably share it with you.The BOSS mainly recruits white-collar workers, while the store manager is mainly blue-collar. The store manager has a good effect in first-tier cities, while the effect is general in second-tier cities.The attributes of the traffic brought by the part-time cat and other part-time platforms and the attributes of the wechat group are not very different. It is mainly based on part-time jobs that find daily accounts. It is not difficult to obtain customers, convert into a stock, and there is no spare is a magical website, a delisted website, a website where cheaters gather. You can register one account with a business license, and then register the next one after it is closed. Do not spend a penny on it, most of the money spent will be wasted.Other platforms such as Zhaopin and can try to acquire customers. After spending money on recruitment platforms, there will be flow of customers, so that they can immediately acquire customers and quickly realize cash. However, individuals need to control the production ratio, and if the delivery is not good, they will suffer losses.These payment channels play with capital, the early stage is not necessarily suitable for individuals, but suitable for corporate operation, we vary from person to person, the implementation process.How to operate personal asset light, I give the following results and suggestions:, 1 to 2 mobile phones, do WeChat ID, do 1 p. if you are working to develop sideline, advised to choose a free channel, effect, although slow, but the low cost of trial and error, don’t do what list, do a good job in 1-3 list, so convenient delivery, to make money later, have to do payment flow, free just paid traffic assistant, if you really don’t want to do,Suggest do trill, here I can share good effect in private is the same case quickly and trill, good a content, two platform coordinates, zhengzhou, together on the generative do labor’s friend can also communicate with more communication, the circuit is very good, suitable for ordinary people, share together!