Veteran artist Zhao Benshan is one of six stars embroiled in scandal for the start of 2022

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Just ten days after the start of the year 2022, the entertainment industry continued to produce melons at the speed of the year before the end of the year, with several unexpected melons popping up in succession, to the surprise of the audience.Among the “true and false” rumors, some people announced divorce, others were revealed to be in love, others broke up, including two veteran artists.1, Guo Degang’s “fake melon” at the beginning of the New Year, Guo Degang did not appear in the major parties, even Tianjin TV cross talk special are not sitting, let many viewers said that this is what to do?But what did not think of is, the Beijing Opera actor Wang Mengting that is under its banner is exposed to be in big year suddenly 2 that day is not married have a child, the child is guo Degang’s illegitimate child actually?According to insiders, although Wang Mengting is a personal life, the nanny said that he has never seen his father, but Wang Mengting’s life has been good, a car has a house.And Guo Degang, so they pointed the finger at Guo Degang.However, After the news was exposed, Wang mengting asked the source to delete the comment, and Guo degang responded to the rumor by Posting handwritten characters on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.2, Zhao Benshan “old age is not safe”?Zhao Benshan has left the Spring Festival Gala for many years, but every time to the Spring Festival Gala, there are still many audiences forget him, after all, he brought the audience happiness you can not erase, although left the stage, but his works are still in the replay.Unexpectedly, when we are still immersed in Zhao Benshan’s contribution to the Spring Festival Gala, his beloved student Jiao Jiao suddenly accused Zhao Benshan of all kinds of “evil” in the studio, announced to quit the mountain media, also became the first public and Zhao Benshan against the people.She’s divorced, she’s a single mom, her ex-husband is bankrupt, and she’s been suppressed by benshan Media. Anyway, she wants to fight zhao Benshan to the end.However, she indirectly “confirmed” in the comments section that a netizen asked about Zhao benshan and Guan Tingna, which sparked a heated discussion among netizens.Read “country love” the audience should be familiar with, Guan Tingna is Zhao Benshan’s wife “Yang Xiaoyan” in the play, the two partner husband and wife relationship for more than ten years, has also been a lot of netizens ridicule as she is Zhao Benshan’s “imperial wife”.Though her degree is high, the figure is good, and zhao benshan vary more than twenty years, now also is 38 years old, but still single, especially the play has a bathroom scenes, scale is a bit big for rural play, plus GuanTingNa coming birthday kiss her pictures of zhao benshan, make two people also have a lot of rumors.Although jiao Jiao is said to be dead and Zhao Benshan, this stage of the disclosure may not be credible, but some people also said that after all is the internal personnel, know the inside is unknown.But Zhao Benshan’s attitude to this has always been ignored.But Guan Tingna can not sit still, directly out of the propaganda jiaojiao to mind his mouth, and said the rumors are false, and zhao Benshan is very innocent.This is zhao Benshan’s misfortune.Some people said that seeing Wu Qian back single on Valentine’s Day was really happy, because Wu Qian’s official divorce document only included herself and her children, and did not mention her cheating and cheating ex-husband.Two people because of the play of love, in the peak of the career of hidden marriage to give birth to a daughter, has never admitted this love on the social platform, in contrast to her ex-husband Zhang Yujian’s account, only in Wu Qian with children to play was photographed, only to acknowledge this relationship, but still did not mention Wu Qian, only a “her mother” instead.Zhang Yujian has been set up a single person, and the cast actress fried CP, and even shot double male drama in the play to change a share of the soup, this irresponsible behavior, so that a lot of audience lost to his audience edge.Now the net friend congratulates Wu Qian finally awake, this kind of love brain female master fall in love with no male master marriage finally declared an end.4, Zhang Zifeng love exposure by the whole network against Yanxu Jia, as a well-known group of love beans star, has been exposed for many times of love, originally did not cause much attention, but the exposure of the mysterious girl, whether it is a mobile phone case, head or running posture and so on, all point to the national sister Zhang Zifeng.Under fine raking, the connection between two people is really many, not only is the classmate of Nortel, but also presided over the school celebration together.Why is the whole Internet against this relationship?It is because the 20-year-old 18-line little love beans, not only the scandal, but also by his ex-girlfriend broke the news of cold violence pedal multiple ships with inappropriate words to attack teammates.After the collapse of the system, she assuaged the public with a statement that she would focus on her studies and no longer be involved in feelings. Only a year later, she was revealed to be in love again.Things continued to ferment for several days, did not get two people admitted or refuted rumors, Zhang Zifeng also because of this love word of mouth decline, lost a lot of audience edge and even fans off the powder, it can be said that the loss is very outweighed by the gain.Huang Zitao has always been an outspoken fan in the entertainment industry, but recently he lost his fan base after it was revealed that he was in love with one of his stars, Xu Yiyang.Some netizens revealed on the Internet that huang Zitao’s wechat profile picture was a photo of xu Yiyang and huang Zitao’s mobile phone camera during the live broadcast, which is suspected to be a back photo of the two traveling in Sanya revealed by netizens, and even their game account is still a couple.Netizens even revealed photos of Huang and Xu and their interaction on a variety show.All kinds of materials, in everyone excited to think that two important officials declared.Faced with the doubts on the Internet, Huang Zitao did not expect to come out to deny this rumor, in order to refute the rumor he first posted five dragon rings, meaning the meaning of the own dragon, did not expect that the middle of a dragon is like a sheep, fans fantasized as “art Yang”.Faced with fans’ speculation, Huang zitao directly criticized his fans in his comments, saying that he didn’t want to clarify anything, that a photo doesn’t mean anything, and that his fans are just a bunch of fantasies.This behavior angered many fans, unexpectedly “fan off, Huang Zitao” unexpectedly went on a hot search, huang Zitao was forced to directly explain the origin of the game couple account and wechat avatar, to appease fans.However, some fans said they were not impressed. The reason for their decision was not only Huang’s attitude towards the relationship, but huang’s anger towards his own fans.6. When Liu Yitong is mentioned, his initial impression is that he is a fresh meat with exclusive music on a social platform.But his bigger title is the son of liu Yijun.Liu also sparked heated debate after being mocked by netizens for touching the hand of a young girl, Liu Yitong, while singing at a gala.Liu yitong’s relationship was revealed at the beginning of the New Year, and he even admitted it in a post.However, shortly after admitting his love affair, other netizens revealed that he has a rich relationship history, openly walks between multiple women, and is also a master of time management, which is worthy of the name “Sea King”.Liu Yitong in order to prevent rumors, issued a lawyer statement, but their own fans off the fan back to step on, exposed a large number of evidence and chat screenshots, and more than one, and led to the complete collapse of the set.In the entertainment industry, every move has been the focus of attention, as a star, to maintain the bottom line of personality, improve their business ability is the key, opportunistic, do not abide by the moral, low conduct, will only make their career worse and worse.