Bath “snow” fighting traffic guarantee help peace Winter Olympics

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Shijiazhuang, February 17 (People’s Daily Online) The transportation guarantee of the Winter Olympic Games started in an all-round way, the first batch of athletes arrived smoothly, snow removal for six consecutive days to ensure smooth battle, the Spring Festival holiday, all staff stick to their posts, security and epidemic prevention traffic “trinity” integration, the establishment of the traffic operation headquarters during the games……The competition in the stadium is in full swing, and outside the stadium is also very lively, a group of traffic people are fighting in the snow, racing against time to ensure the smooth operation of the competition area traffic.Walking into the Traffic control center of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics, you will see a large intelligent screen with numerous data indicators and surveillance videos, which is the intelligent platform for traffic operation guarantee of the Winter Olympics.Here, you can see the traffic situation of the whole Zhangjiakou competition area, and send scientific instructions through big data analysis to ensure that the shuttle bus runs on time.How important is punctuality?”During the Winter Olympics, the outdoor temperature in Zhangjiakou is below minus 10 degrees Celsius.In response, the staff adjusted the interval of shuttle bus operation through command and dispatch, and increased the density of the departure to ensure that athletes can take a warm and comfortable bus when they go out.”Careful operation plan is also an important guarantee for the punctual operation of the shuttle bus.Every day, the command center connects with each competition venue, non-competition venue and service support team, makes the traffic operation plan for the next day according to the traffic demand, and timely feeds the operation schedule to each venue, each resident hotel and each service support team.”The hardest part of this job is that every day is planned so differently, so many demands, so many factors come together, and it takes a lot of care and patience.”Transport group deputy leader Li Hua said.With a complete plan, bus operation has become an important and difficult task.At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, dawn, exhibition east temporary station has been running.Bus drivers, all wearing thick down jackets, check and warm up their vehicles one hour in advance.”In order to save fuel, when there are passengers, the car will turn on the heating air, but on the return journey, the driver will turn off the air conditioning heating air, so the down jacket helps.”Exhibition east temporary station Shinkansen operation manager Wang Wei explained.At 23 o ‘clock, chongli south hydrogenation station was brightly lit.In the distance several hydrogen buses rolled up, having just secured a night race.Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the bus driver cannot open the window to talk during the process of elimination, entry, refueling and departure, and can only rely on a few familiar and simple gestures to communicate.Before driving away, the driver gave a thumbs-up to liu Ye, a hydrogenation worker.Liu ye said: “As these teachers have security tasks tomorrow morning, they can only fill up the hydrogen at night.Drivers work much harder than us. The more critical the moment is, the more we should support each other and move forward together.”In addition, according to the characteristics of many roads in the competition area, long lines, wide areas, long snow ablation cycle and easy to occur freezing and skidding, hebei Provincial Department of Communications proposed clear standards for snow removal operations in key parts such as Bridges, steep slopes and sharp bends.Eight horse road is the only access to the Zhangjiakou venue genting.The road has two sides, with an upward slope of nearly 40 degrees.As the road passes through rock formations, spring water flows out all year round, forming ice sheets in the low-lying areas of the road and impeding safe passage of vehicles.Hu Jinghua, leader of the snow removal and protection team for the Winter Olympics, said, “During the games, the snow removal team insisted on patrolling every two hours to make sure that any standing water was removed immediately.For the Winter Olympics, no matter how hard we work, it is worth it!”With that, Ms. Hu began another round of inspection.”The night temperature in Chongli is extremely low, and many equipment are likely to break down if they are not well protected. Therefore, olympic-related sections of the competition area should be fully prepared.”Hebei Province department of Communications highway division director Zhao Jingbo said.All staff in the maintenance area of Yanhonggao Speed are on standby, strengthen road section inspection and equipment maintenance, regularly carry out emergency drills, and truly achieve “snow is the same without snow”;With the help of the video system of the monitoring center, zhangcheng Expressway retrieved real-time images of road conditions, strengthened command and dispatch and precise docking to ensure fast passage at the station entrance during snow.The Beijing-Zhangjiakou Expressway actively communicated with the high-speed traffic police departments of each jurisdiction, started the joint attendance cooperation plan, and did a good job of vehicle guidance in the first time of snow;A joint snow removal guarantee mechanism shall be established for all guarantee sections in Zhangjiakou Competition area to ensure that the snow removal schedule is controllable, information is connected smoothly and cooperation is efficient….Late at night, The streets of Chongli overflow, quiet and serene, people with the expectation of the winter Olympics athletes to win gold into sleep.Temporary station, command center, highway toll station, maintenance area is still flickering lights, busy figure looming, to meet a more wonderful tomorrow.(Zhao Mingyan, Tan Lei) Original title: Bath “snow” fighting traffic guarantee help peace Winter Olympics