Examinee uses bug to check grind score in advance, the school responds to be true, net friend: exceptional admission

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Essay /60 points Education postgraduate examination is also a turning point of life, affecting the future development of candidates.With the increasingly fierce social competition, the employment of college students has become a social problem.In order to better achieve employment, many undergraduates will choose to take postgraduate entrance exams to improve their education after graduation.In 2022, for example, 4.57 million people signed up for the exam, which was highly competitive.And most of the examinees, just accompany the exam.It has been nearly two months since the 2022 Preliminary examination for postgraduate students began in December last year, and candidates are also eager to know their scores, which is also convenient to prepare for the second exam later.Waiting for the results of the announcement of this period of time, many candidates are suffering in their hearts.But the marking teachers are in the process of batch, also need time, is about 2 months or so.But recently, on a social platform, there are examinees said that they apply for the college points system has a bug, can directly use the vulnerability to directly query their results, and then more and more examinees posted the query results page.With the development of the Internet age, the Internet has brought great convenience to people’s life. Take examination score checking for example.When the network is underdeveloped, examinee wants to be informed result still needs to inquire to the school.But now you just need to tap your finger, fill in your personal information and enter your password to check your scores.In order to ensure the grade, the school may arrange for the teacher to review the score after the marking.Now the postgraduate examination results are basically announced at the same time, which also let some candidates began to sit.With the development of the network, sometimes because the network security is not in place, it is likely to appear system vulnerabilities.A few years ago, there was an examinee in Zhejiang University, using their computer knowledge to query the postgraduate entrance examination results in advance.Sichuan University also had a top student who hacked the system to find her grades, and Ningxia University had a similar experience.The use of system vulnerabilities to query the results of the situation has happened a lot, and these universities have confirmed the existence of vulnerabilities, students can check the results are also very powerful.Many netizens also appeal: the school should be exceptional admission of such talents!The use of loopholes in the system to check the score of postgraduate candidates in advance, this matter has set off a hot debate on the Internet, many netizens have expressed their opinions, some people said: since the score has been out, why not timely announcement?There are also netizens worried that examinees directly use the system loopholes will have violated the law?However, some people explain that the examinee only took advantage of the loophole to check the score, and did not do anything out of line, so it would not violate the law.In fact, the system vulnerability is only a probability problem, only a very small number of students encounter this probability, and now all colleges and universities are actively optimizing the system, similar vulnerabilities will naturally be less and less.This year’s take an examination of grind preliminary test results announced time still needs to wait patiently, everyone is still at ease to wait for official website notice better.Don’t always try to use loopholes to know in advance, after all, the score has become a foregone conclusion.Many candidates want to know their preliminary test results in advance is also to better prepare for the second test, if the result is ok, then they can continue to prepare for the test, if the result is not ideal, it is necessary to decide as soon as possible to adjust colleges or the next year to fight again.Although the results of the preliminary exam have not been announced, I think candidates can also prepare for the second exam in advance, different colleges and universities have different requirements for the second exam, some are direct interview, some are written interview + interview.Examinee can carry on simulation examination in advance, and take a look at the calendar year true question that this school announces, proper practice total is better than dry wait for result to announce, and more important is put flat state of mind, do not give oneself can make nervous mood.For candidates preparing for the second interview, it is recommended that you practice in advance and create an attractive and eye-catching resume.You can also practice your tutor in advance and introduce yourself to the tutor, so that you can brush a wave of presence in front of the tutor.Even if the initial test did not achieve the ideal result, but if the national line, candidates can also be adjusted, as soon as possible to choose other universities, so as to ensure their successful landing rate.Write at the end: In fact, no matter what the final score is, the first test has been finished, the next thing you need to do is to wait for the results of the announcement, if you can successfully enter the second test that is the best thing, but if you do not succeed, do not lose heart.Examinees will certainly worry about their scores, after all, there have been college pressure points before.Now it’s not about worrying about these things, it’s about improving.Now it has arrived in February, I believe in a few days after the candidates can query their results, we do not have to worry too much and entanglements.Topic of the day: What do you think about the fact that candidates for postgraduate examination can check their scores in advance?Welcome to comment and share.