Folk tale: the girl is accidentally pregnant, said to be the stepfather, mother hidden room found the truth

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The story happened in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing years, there is a girl accidentally pregnant, said that her stepfather did, the stepfather ran away from home in anger, her mother felt something strange, hidden under the bed to peek, and indeed found the truth.What’s going on here?There was a beautiful woman named Bai Qinghe in Yangzhou Prefecture. She was born as beautiful as a flower, but her luck was bad. She lost her husband three years after her marriage.After the death of her husband, there are a lot of malicious people to play the idea of white Green Lotus, she refused one by one, those people have a grudge, something often give white green Lotus trouble, mother and daughter’s life becomes more difficult.One summer, the daughter of Bai Qing He Liu Xiaocui suddenly became seriously ill, the whole person is dying, bai Qing He in order to make money to cure her daughter, get up every day, play several jobs, the whole person tired.Finally one day, Bai Qing He could not support any more, on the way to do work two eyes a black faint past, when she woke up again, found himself lying in a room.She hurriedly got up, but was a face such as crown jade man to stop, man said, he is baiqing lotus husband’s old friend horse lonely, home found faint baiqing Lotus, this will save her to the home, baiqing lotus weak at the moment, should take good health is.Baiqing he said anxiously, his daughter was in danger, she was not in the mood to lie here, ma lonely words, baiqing Lotus daughter he already know, now the doctor has opened a prescription for her, soon to heal.Baiqing he overjoyed, immediately to thank the horse lonely, horse lonely retreat again and again, said the husband of the white lotus grace to him, he should do these, do not need to thank the white Lotus.From that day on, the horse is lonely to take care of the white Green lotus, white green lotus also gradually forget her dead husband and the horse lonely go closer and closer, finally in two years later and the horse lonely get married.After two people get married, ma lonely Liu Xiaocui as his own daughter to treat, bai Qing he put all this in the eye, often sigh that he did not look at the wrong person, but the next thing has overturned the imagination of bai Qing He.After Liu Xiaocui arrives ma Fu for half a year, was suddenly in the doctor gave xi Mai, husband and wife 2 people come to Liu Xiaocui room, who is the father that asks her child after all, Liu Xiaocui pointed to the finger ma dolorous however.Ma lonely surprised, let Liu Xiaocui don’t talk, Liu Xiaocui but promised that his belly child is a lonely horse, horse lonely is ready to speak, but with him made up.A moment later, the couple face several more scars, they angrily face off, the side of liu Xiaocui but cover her mouth to laugh, the couple saw this scene, they closed the door back to their own room.To the room, ma lonely swear, he really did not move liu Xiaocui a finger, white green lotus believe that he wrongly blamed her husband, two people after a discussion, decided to find the real murderer.Moments later, a fierce argument broke out in the couple’s room, and Liu Xiaocui laughed into a flower after hearing the sound.The next day early in the morning, the horse lonely slam the door and go, and baiqing lotus is quietly hid in liu Xiaocui room.In the evening, Liu Xiaocui see bai Qinghe husband and wife has not come back, will housekeeper Duguwang called to the room to mix up, after all, Duguwang asked Liu Xiaocui, this was found by the couple baiqinghe how to do.Liu Xiaocui expresses, now husband and wife two already in their sow discord of plan, this home is about to come apart very soon, at the appointed time the thing that she promises duguwang will do naturally, Duguwang overjoyed, continue to mix with Liu Xiaocui.Baiqing lotus while two people distracted kung fu, secretly slipped out, not long, she took the horse together came to Liu Xiaocui room.Duguwang see husband and wife after frighten immediately kneel down, but Liu Xiaocui a placid appearance.Bai Qing he husband and wife asked Liu Xiaocui why to do so, Liu Xiaocui said, bai Qing he forgot her father, she did not forget, she just dont want to let bai Qing he and horse lonely together, even at the expense of their own.White green lotus smell speech pale, asked the horse lonely how to do, horse lonely words, Liu Xiaocui is possessed by the heart, now only to nunnery to help her regain qingming, white Green lotus readily agreed.After a year, Liu Xiaocui walks out nunnery, at the moment her heart is a peaceful, she comes to Ma Fu, leave here after 2 people send blessing to ma doleful, had never come back again.