No one owes us a gold medal

2022-05-06 0 By

Construal, a weibo user, who wrote about the Winter Olympics, received 40,000 likes: “You (Jia Zongyang, Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu) compete, not compete for gold.We’re happy you win. You don’t owe us a gold medal if you lose.”Explain, interpret, is the process of interpreting through its core meaning in context.Construal Level Theory, which means that people attach more importance to overall goals, ethics, and values than to abstract mental representations.Simply put, “See the forest and not the trees.”In the evening, while looking up information and watching the short track speed skating competition, I was suddenly woken up by Wang Meng’s Northeast Mandarin: “We not only need to listen to the story of the gold medal, but also need to collect the suits, the story of the gold medal, the story of the silver medal and the story of the bronze medal.”We can’t just focus on gold anymore.The sports values of “not seeing the forest for the trees” should be learned from the Beijing Winter Olympics.I watched Fan Kexin kiss the ice after China won a bronze medal in the women’s 3,000-meter short-track relay.Award ceremony, she and Han Yutong, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Chutong, Zhang Yuting, like five lively deer jumped on the podium, holding gold dun dun, to the audience to send sweet smile.In the men’s 500 meters, Ren Ziwei and Sun Long were eliminated in the quarterfinals, and wu Dajing, the defending champion and world record holder, also unexpectedly lost in the semifinals.The gold medal went to Liu Shaoang of Hungary.We certainly have reason to blame Hwang dae-heon of South Korea for not only killing himself, but also for a backward kick that directly interfered with Wu dajing behind him as he fell.This “knife” action is too dangerous, if Wu Dajing does not slow down will certainly have a high probability of injury.As Wang Meng said, “IF I were you, I would also choose to hide.”I do not know whether this human instinct of “hiding” will lead to the impulse of Chinese sports fans to “send blades to Zhu Jianhua”, or the anger of people to Liu Xiang’s withdrawal from the race.I am optimistic that the majority of The Chinese people, who are the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics, have interpret and become detached.We are proud of the Chinese short track speed skating team’s achievement of 2 gold MEDALS, 1 silver MEDALS and 2 bronze MEDALS. We are even more pleased that the new generation of vigorous athletes like Zhang Yuting and Sun Long are coming to the surface. We are full of hope that the “king’s team” will keep its vitality and high morale forever.”We are in the safest place in the world” and in a larger perspective, this night was also the halfway mark of the Beijing Olympic Games. 58 events were successfully completed, athletes from 26 countries and regions stood on the podium, 13 Olympic records and 2 world records were broken…After winning the gold medal in men’s 15 km (traditional technique) cross-country skiing, Ivo Niskanen of Finland insisted on waiting in the finish area for nearly an hour to salute every competitor who finished the race.I also admire 46-year-old Jacqueline Moran of Brazil, who has competed in five Winter Olympics and three Summer Olympics…Of course, we were also very proud to hear foreign athletes praising China’s epidemic prevention efforts: “We are the safest place in the world!”In the middle of the feast, with all the guests, who cares who owes us a gold medal?(By Chen Wei)