Small integral big power

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Worker’s Daily client reporter Liu Shanshan correspondent Chen Fenghai Qidandan “How many points did you get for lean improvement last year?””6634 points, changed 6634 yuan, how much are you?””I’m a little less than you, heh heh”…At noon on February 15, in the staff canteen of Changchun Yidong Clutch Co., LTD., Hu Bo from the production department and Bo Hongyu from the R & D center are exchanging “points”.In recent years, the implementation of lean management and lean production around the site has made Changchun Yidong taste real sweet, the cost of the enterprise continues to decline, and the profitability continues to improve.In order to better improve the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in lean improvement, the company has established the incentive mechanism of Lean improvement since 2018. Employees who put forward rationalization suggestions and complete lean improvement projects will be rewarded with points, and their points will be converted into bonuses at the end of each quarter, which will be paid together with their salaries.In changchun east, employees can at any time through wechat scanning paste in the office area and the production site of the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to submit rationalization proposals, among them, improved rationalization proposals each 5 points, innovative rationalization proposals each 10 points.After confirmation by the relevant department, if the rationalization proposal is converted into a lean improvement project, the relevant department will evaluate the identified lean improvement project from the three dimensions of cost, management and development. Among them, the identified lean improvement project is identified as a fast lean improvement project, and each completed project will get at least 20 points.For larger lean improvement projects such as cost saving and process optimization, those that need to be reflected through the A3 report will earn higher credits.In the quarter, changchun east through “hard want to learn the” employee training, “based on the post, lean improvement” innovative rationalization proposal solicitation, the problem of “knowledge stage mode” lean with prizes and “red card” production site 5 s improvement activities to popularize knowledge of lean management, formed the atmosphere of everyone involved to improve.Points exchange not only stimulates the enthusiasm of employees to participate in lean improvement, but also saves the cost of enterprise development and improves the quality of operation and development.According to statistics, in 2021, changchun Yidong employees put forward a total of 15,052 rationalization suggestions, completed 569 lean improvement projects, rewarded employees more than 750,000 yuan, and realized hard savings of 13.81 million yuan.