Will there be the possibility of equipment attribute transfer in the follow-up of Westward Journey 2

2022-05-06 0 By

When it comes to the transfer of equipment in Westward Journey 2, it can be said that players are looking forward to it very much. After all, the skill refining of summoning beast and the transfer of sets have been realized, although the equipment transfer seems to be impossible in the current version.But as a more than ten years old player, to see the original version and the current version of the comparison, so the current version of some features, if you want to tell some players at the beginning or in the discussion between players, will be regarded as impossible, but now is not also realized it.In fact, equipment transfer is like the adsorption function in mobile games. Some players can also hope to adjust the probability of 5 to 6, but in fact, if there is a real equipment attribute transfer, it will be associated with probability events.After all, once there is such a method, even if the transfer process consumes a certain amount of krypton props, then some of the garbage equipment in the hands of players may be aggregated to create a god outfit, so generally speaking, it will have a certain impact on the existing price of the server and the market of the artifact.And the most mature way of doing that, of course, is to do with probabilistic events, so the so-called probabilistic events.Refining attributes of a piece of equipment cannot be extracted completely, but can only be extracted one by one, and there may be failure in the process of extraction, once the failure of the extracted equipment will disappear.Refining success to another set of equipment to transfer the equipment above, may also need to pick a good krypton props, but also treatment related to the transfer process, may fail.The cost of failure, although it may not make the transferred equipment disappear, may override the original skills on the transferred equipment.After such operations, equipment transfer can become a more mature version and be accepted by some high-end players. After all, some high-end players spend a lot of money to build equipment if some players use low-cost equipment transfer to achieve it is not fair.