Cuckoo call spring, farmers do not understand mulberry hemp, only Taoist mountain vegetable fat

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art in addition to the old, wicker sparse, who swallow mulberry hemp three or two strains.Yingbi Creek, bugu call spring, farmers do not understand mulberry hemp, only Taoist mountain vegetable fat.Spring breeze to my home, the field corner of mulberry ma, a cuckoo peach blossom reflected rosy clouds.Song Fu words mulberry ma, fragrance people’s homes, cuckoo sound in the source of new tea.A cuckoo call spring back, in March peach blossom yingcuiwei, the most is home mountain everywhere fangfei.Home of the virgin, east hedge wine mulberry ma, cuckoo urge spring early, a few peach trees reflected sunset.March sangma rain after fine, who swallows cut the spring breeze, a bugu urging early, ten miles of peach blossom reflected red.The poet qingjing sangma only money, cuckoo sound in the source of good farming.Cuckoo call spring back, ten thousand trees peach blossom jiangnan misty rain, mulberry deep someone to.Water should know me, in the sound of another year, want to ask mulberry ma not baiyun edge.Words mulberry ma, quiet is my home, busy sowing in the sound of cuckoo, spring breeze night full of peach blossoms.Autumn wind bleak rain more than sad, foreign memories, the moon sentient language according to border.Dyed castle peak, douyan kui not idle, no good scenery, only here is home.Love leads the hometown guest, the dream around the remaining years of people in other places, the moon has a heart without language yao Universe.Yu Xia scattered another year, the moon intentional not to send Kuiyuan.The first kui, ying Xiahui, more than three thousand years of blood and tears fly villagers.The world’s first township, fengyue unusual, thousands of ancient Kuixing yao quartet.Painting to find a good sentence, wang Qinghui Trinidad, Kuixing upstairs compose poems.In the west, the sky is full of light, and the kuixing shines brightly on the earth.Roaque smile idle to see, the moon hui into drunk Yin, mo more than a year without a good dream, also have a friend in his hometown.The poem edge, looking at a distant Xiang Guan ran, qinghui Trinidad, Kuixing purple kyushu even.A red sun shine, brilliant light usurps dou Kui, don’t say no good scenery, yu Xia do dye my heart.The world’s first chief, Shenzhou Wanli Mu Xia Hui, more than three thousand years of rural sun and moon urging.Dream of more than faint tears wet clothes, yuhui down by a water.Poems and books with me to sleep, love in his hometown Dongshenghui wanli, Kuixing Beidou yao long day.Jiaohui wanli long, bright yao Sky, even if there is more than home rice fragrance.Not with Qunfang douyankui, bing Xin a piece of yingxihui, fragrance quietly elegant neighbors send wintersweet.To the emperor township, the central water, the setting sun reflected light shake wanzhangmang.Yuxia brilliant reflection zhaohui, home can not bear to return, the moon sentient beings have no intention to send flowers.Hope xian Lang, jiaohui night weiyang, more than 30 years as a dream, I do not know where is my hometown.A xiangguan wind and rain degree yu Spring, the sunset west rising sun new.Xia Hui wan Li reflects the sun, competing for chief qi Yu Ang, beautiful mountain village here good scenery.Twittering cut cuiwei, delicately sing fangfei, the wind blowing grass long flowers bee butterfly fat.Grass is not fang, reflecting pond, oriole graceful twittering dance painting beam.Twittering purple swallow cut spring breeze, graceful oriole sing blue sky, grass warbler flying willow green reflected in the mountains.The grass is blue, the castle peak reflects the blue sky, the oriole sings green willow on the branches, and the purple swallows dance about between the beams.Oriole singing xiaofeng, eaves before ziyan dance clear sky, peach blossom reflected the day green like Onions.Bright bright bright bright bright long brow, the fine grass spring breeze, the branches of the oriole singing Cui Liu, before eaves ziyan cut the new qing.Oriole cry not, heart such as purple swallow slanting castle peak outside, the warbler in May.Into cuiwei, oriole 100 warping spring return, and green Jiangnan grass, wanli clear sky reflected in the sun hui.Distant castle peak reflected in oblique hui, close view of the grass color dyed green, branches oriole singing crisp, purple swallow under the eaves flying.The warbler flies in March spring, peach and green liushi lake, oriole meekly twittering stranger patrol.Oriole singing cui Liu, idle view ziyan yingsun red as fire, the warbler flying grass in May.Dance setting sun, two orioles sing low wall, warbler song flowers in full bloom, spring infinite reflection of the countryside.Yingcuiwei, grass birds fluttered, oriole singing, purple swallow twittering under the eaves.Spring wind rain grass fan, castle peak reflected willow dike, branches oriole ziyan build new mud.Willow shore oriole purple swallow cut spring pool, peach blossom yingsun oriole fly is just in time.West hill yingcuiwei, grass birds startled, oriole tree eaves before dance with.Warbler flies another winter, peach blossom green reflects spring breeze, oriole gently twitters to seek old trace.Singing green willows, building new nests, reflecting the sun peach blossoms kiss the grass as a robe.Yingcaiyun, birds singing spring, oriole tree air dance frequency.And double Ninth, Maple qing osmanthus fragrance, wild geese blowing clouds far sky, deep bird song willow long.Brush the west Lake water, cui Liu shake birds, a song grass moved to see the truth.A clear pool kam culvert autumn water, thousands of pole dance night wind, willow blowing long dike valley rhyme endless.Golden wind sends bright chrysanthemum yellow, Yulu qinghan osmanthus fragrance, willow blows pond courtyard butterfly to fly busy.Blowing river, birds on both sides of the mountain and water, melodious spread thousands of miles, the golden wind sends cool sunny days.Flowers fall birds song night not ended, spring face willow long, the wind light cloud light day gao Yuan, the moon lang star clear as the universe.Clear song a fragrance of intoxication thick, stroke sleeve Chang ‘e deep tree night hazy.Yulu autumn light, clear water clear lotus dike flower lane shadow, bird song deep tree night hazy.Brushed willow spring countless, Ming branch flower competition, the most is a year to return.Potpate, blowing dike long spring, rili wind and people drunk, refreshed good wandering.Wind and rain wash dust, cold moon as a lone body, willow flick water shake branches call birds.Lane new clear, clear water castle peak birds, clear sorrow where to send, poetic rhyme with spring line.Between the deep trees and valleys, the morning dew slightly cool blowing clothes, the wind and grass move a song on the sky.White clouds yellow crane castle peak to send cool wind, willow blowing long dike youdao bamboo shake empty.And Mid-Autumn festival, according to jiuzhou, The shadow dance singing branches.Kiss xiu cloud paint, hidden warbler birdsong are traveling, clear air attacks ShuangYi difficult to accept.Without dreams, the window curtains will smell better and birds will sing out of the window.New word meaning ten thousand heavy, the wind blowing willow catkins fall flower red, qinghui do not understand the sky according to the shadow.Has been about to return to the boat horizontal wild crossing, empty moon as gu village, green screen window xiaoxiang bamboo, remote send acacia and goose theory.Eyes down, where the autumn wind to send geese sound, life is empty like a dream, return to the boat a leaf any drift.Empty Mongolian misty rain lock heavy building, the river back to the boat a few degrees of autumn, north wild goose south flying dream, green mountains and clear water make people worry.Long day autumn thick, Fenglin do dye bishan red, cloud air wanli boat into the painting.A bright moon back to the boat dream, wild goose called long sky blue sea spray red.A leaf of Fengjianggao, wanliyun sky blue gull heron dance, the wind and sun Li Yan Yingjiao.South flying autumn thick, as dyed blue sky red, cloud air wanli boat into the painting.Blue sky such as clean no Ai, wild goose word fly south to the compound, mo road qiuguang a leaf contained poems back.Another autumn, yuehua flow, empty court lonely boat with sorrow.Qiushuiwang empty thousand li month, loaded with a river sorrow, wild goose sound jing broken blue sky pull biliu.Look for the boat, cloud empty a look to close, water blue sky blue infinite good, long wind sent wild goose south tower.Calm cloud zheng Goose with Xiagong, 100 years of life back to the boat know-it-all.Where the boat carries the setting sun, lonely chrysanthemum yellow, a river long wind to send geese.Wild goose to red leaves fall, people to bi Lichen, empty court lonely boat dream is not.Yingbi Vault, dance autumn wind, cloud empty wan Li boat sing evening sound.Return to the boat a leaf any Xidong, look back all rivers and lakes empty, shuibi mountain qingyun pale goose infinite.Wild goose ranking, sky blue rice yellow, cloud light air wanli, boat a leaf load setting sun.Return to the boat, leaving the moon according to the river city, blue screen window outside the acacia goose a few sound.Clear autumn sky, wild goose word flying south and north, wanli clear sky infinite good, return to the boat a leaf any drift.Fireworks such as the solution, the sound of water lamp add new color, thousands of miles long memories of the old people.Misty rain, lakes and mountains are dancing, cloud shadow with the wind, silent setting sun as blue waves.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #