Kim Bok-nam murder incident: a kind-hearted woman killed eight people, indifference is the knife of murder

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As the saying goes, “a good death is better than living. As long as people have thoughts and hopes for the world, they will have the power to live. Numbness and indifference for a desperate person are knives that kill people without blood.”It were only a few people are there in a island, the men went to sea fishing, Jin Funa and a few older women stay on the island, the south, in the hot sun sweating to frantically digging potatoes with a hoe the knife, next to a few old lady sitting under the tree and wind, f south suddenly stop working, look up and look straight into the sun for 10 seconds, then take a sickle went straight to the old lady’s side,With the speed of thunder, cut off a person’s head, several other people immediately kneel to beg for mercy, but Fu Nan did not blink an eye, one breath killed 3 women, of course, this is just the beginning….Half a month ago, Fonan was a hard-working, kind, hard-working good woman, even though she was worse than a pig and a dog every day, she always laughed, so what on earth crushed this kind woman, let her do such a crazy thing.Calls white black girls in her husband’s hand, all the day, the south to see his 10-year-old daughter in front of the mirror lipstick, powder, also said that dad would be more and more like yourself, the south angrily knocked these things on the ground, her heart faintly uneasy, immediately to the south one husband wan zong said, kicking and light young man gave his daughter in his lap,The action appears to be very obscene, the next day when fu Nan saw her daughter with blood underwear, immediately what all understand.I don’t care how much I suffer, but my daughter is so young, how can I let her live in such an environment and continue to suffer.Just a few days ago, Funan’s childhood friend Hai Yuan returned to the island from Seoul for a holiday, Funan begged Hai Yuan to take her daughter away, the unspoken scandal out, but Hai Yuan angrily shouted: “You this reason is too ridiculous, how can it be?”No matter how fu Nan beseeching, hai Yuan is to choose “turn a blind eye” of self-deceiving her to find a reason for himself.Despondent Funan, suddenly remembered a few days ago, her husband called a prostitute to the house, the husband completely disregard funan’s feelings, listening to the room from the sound of men and women love, numb sitting at the door to eat, as if this matter has nothing to do with her.Afterwards, even that prostitute girl felt sorry: “How can you stand such a man?Wayan, I am also trying to make a living. Don’t blame me.””I wanted to live in Seoul, but I couldn’t get out,” funan said with a wry smile.When the girl left, she gave Him her phone number so he could call her if he needed help.Fonan hurried to find out the phone number left by the girl, the other side is really readily promised to sail to pick her up.While her husband was asleep, She took some money from his pocket and prepared to run away with her daughter, but the daughter refused to cooperate, saying, “I like it here, AND I don’t want to leave!”When she heard Fornan say, “Don’t worry, we’re going to make it this time.”Her daughter was excited and asked, “Really?Mom, I actually I most afraid to see mom you be hit!”The little girl added, “I like Daddy because I want to make him happy, so he won’t beat you.”When Funan heard her daughter’s words, she burst into tears.The two hurriedly ran to the dock, the girl did find a boat to come over, but when they wanted to get close to the boat, the boatman was slow to leave the boat, deliberately delaying for Fornan’s husband to chase after, it was clear that the men on the island are all together.Funan’s escape plan failed again. She was dragged along by her husband, who beat and kicked her, while Wanzong’s aunt stirred up the flames and broke her legs, so that she would never walk again.Why did wan Zong, as a father, not spare his own daughter?In fact, she didn’t even know who the father of the child was, because all the men on the island had violated her during that time, and everyone was gloating over the beating, thinking she had brought it on herself.Her crying daughter hugged her father’s leg and said, “Daddy, you should stop beating mommy. I’ll do whatever you want.”Instead, Wanzong kicked his daughter several meters away, causing her to hit her head on a large rock and die instantly.Fu Nan holding her daughter’s body crying, her only hope is gone, her most trusted good friend Hai Yuan is far away looking at all this, and did not come forward to stop.There was a murder on the island and the police came to investigate.People on the island are turning black and white, saying the girl’s death was an accident and no one else was involved.No matter what Funan said, the police just dont believe what she said, funan put hope on the sea yuan, who want to sea yuan duplicity said he was not at the scene, dont know what is going on.The Fu Nan that loses a daughter becomes from now on walking dead, the numbness of good friend and indifference let her be completely desponded.More than a decade ago, the island suffered a shipwreck, many people lost their lives, since the island’s adults and children add up to less than 20 people, Jin Fu-nan is the only young woman on the island.That day the city of Haiyuan to the island grandpa home vacation, she and Fu Nan age, the two became inseparable good friends, at that time Haiyuan silk wearing a beautiful white dress, will teach Fu Nan flute, even swear to say: “later, I will take to Live in Seoul.”He also gave his beloved flute to Fonan, who believed her promise.That day two people playing in the woods, see the big boys on the island of the sea are gentle so beautiful, is all around her want to take advantage of her, the south stand up to save the sea are gentle, strong jian is group of people, gentle, leaving the south sea desperately run, even so, the south sea luca brasi did not blame, still take her as my best friend.Later Sea yuan back to the city, Fonan every three to write to her, even if her house no one lives, Fonan will often help clean, this day she finally came back to the sea yuan, excited to embrace her.Hai Yuan did not appear so excited, but some dislike.Fu Nan lost her daughter, that brother-in-law in the sea yuan dish under the drug, she still can not bear the sea yuan bullied, saved her at the critical moment.Hai Yuan’s indifference is in sharp contrast to Funan’s friendliness.Despised, trampled life why do women bother women?On the island, however, he was ignored by the older men, who despised women themselves. His aunt would even yell at Him, “You are so out of order. How can you call your husband and brother-in-law by their names?”In their eyes, Funan is just like a dog, just their free labor, they can beat at will.Sometimes a little slower, aunt will be cold face on the edge of urging: “you are not happy to work.”He often said to his nephew Wanzong, “A woman should be well managed. If she doesn’t obey, break her legs.”Every time looking at fonan nephew was beaten, aunt from no stop, over time fonan are accustomed to numbness, she will never feel sad, sad.Brother-in-law iron zong spirit some abnormal, every time while brother is not at home, he will force and Fu Nan have a relationship, 10000 home to see his brother chewing clumsy grass scattered on the ground, immediately understand what happened, he indiscriminately and to fu Nan a dozen.Fu Nan lives on the island, it is such dark, there is still hope in her heart at that time, daughter and sea yuan is the motive force that she lives.But when her daughter died, haiyuan’s apathy and numbness stung her deeply, and she realized that all her hopes were gone.If you wait long enough, you’ll go mad.Under the hot sun, Fu South crazy digging potatoes, suddenly hand knife fell to solve a few people, when the men came back, she did not soft fear, cut off the head of the brother-in-law hanging in the tree………..Eventually, Funan killed everyone on the island except for one old man who was suffering from dementia, and funan left him to fend for himself.Sea yuan panic fled back to Seoul, the next day fonan for a sea warm left white skirt painted light makeup also chased to Seoul.The boatman is probably the only person in the world who makes Funan feel good and warm. When she learns that Funan has left the island for the first time in his life, she only receives a token amount of money and tells her to live a good life.Fu Nan ashore before long, by that day on the island of the police to police station, finally Fu Nan escaped smoothly, there also encountered the sea yuan.Haiyuan saw Funan was scared and trembling, afraid of being hurt she preemptively stabbed funan in the neck with the flute, resulting in her death, funan in the arms of Haiyuan before dying, asked her to play the flute for him again, and then closed his eyes with a smile.The above material is from the movie “Kim Bok-nam Murder Story” based on a real event.Kim Bok Namwon is a gentle, cheerful and hard-working woman, but her husband and family all regard her as a pig and dog, arbitrarily bullying and insulting.Fu Nan hopes daughter xiaoyan has better life, just be in this barbarous place, the dignity of the person is trampled wantonly, below huge pressure, the fu Nan of submissive arrives from hope despair, what make her collapse is a cold knife, it is the betrayal that comes from the most trusted person, cold-blooded.Born as a person, please be kind, be kind to others, years can be quiet.