Lesson one: Dangerous chemicals, too dangerous!Please be “careful” with it

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When it comes to dangerous chemicals, everyone may feel nervous.Even if you have not been to the scene of a chemical accident, you will have the same feeling because some of the video footage of the accident is enough to make people shudder.On January 5, 2022, a fire broke out in a chemical company in Anyang city, Henan Province, causing casualties.After preliminary investigation and analysis, the direct causes of the accident are as follows:Enterprise commissioned not according to stipulations have qualification of construction unit for maintenance, construction personnel in the raw material tank after tank fire DiNa welding set, found about 5 meters away from job site 7 anthracene oil export pipeline has funnelled, in has not yet to go through the formalities for examination and approval of hot work, under the condition of construction personnel when hot welding without authorization, causing fire accident.On February 11, 2020, a storage tank for chloroallyloxamine, a raw material, exploded during trial production at a company’s allyl ketone workshop in Huludao city, Liaoning Province, causing casualties.The direct cause of the accident is: the operator of the allyl ketone section did not check and confirm the material, and mistakenly added propionyl trione to the chlorinated amine storage tank, resulting in the reaction between propionyl trione and chlorinated amine in the storage tank, heat release and accumulation, the temperature of the material gradually increased, and finally led to the decomposition of the material and explosion.Hazardous chemical storage sites shall be equipped with facilities and equipment such as lightning protection, anti-static, waterproof, ventilation, explosion-proof, monitoring and alarm according to the storage characteristics of hazardous chemicals.Explosion-proof facilities The electrical equipment, transmission and distribution lines and loading, unloading and handling machinery tools in the warehouse storing inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals shall be of explosion-proof type in accordance with the requirements.When metal pipes are used for electrical wiring, the threaded connection between metal pipes and junction boxes should be firm. In places where wiring is difficult to bend, explosion-proof flexible hoses can be used for connection.Lightning protection and ELECTROSTATIC discharge Facilities A grounded electrostatic discharge device should be installed outside the entrance of the warehouse where flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals are stored.Warehouse exhaust fans and metal shelves should be equipped with grounding devices to remove static electricity.The lightning and electrostatic protection devices should be in good condition and passed the test periodically.Combustible gas and toxic gas alarm devices shall be installed in places where combustible gas and toxic gas are generated in the monitoring and alarm facility storehouse. The installation height shall meet the requirements of combustible gas (toxic gas) and the proportion of air. The gas alarm devices shall be regularly tested by qualified institutions.Ventilation facilities Flammable liquid and flammable gas warehouse should be equipped with emergency forced exhaust system, explosion-proof exhaust fan, exhaust pipe should be metal pipe, and should directly lead to outdoor safe place.Spillproof facilities Facilities for class A, B and C liquid warehouses shall be equipped with facilities to prevent liquid dispersion, and measures shall be taken to prevent water immersion when storing items that explode in wet combustion.Fire control facilities The warehouse of dangerous chemical products shall be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment that meet the standard requirements, shall not block the fire hydrant, automatic sprinkler system and smoke outlet, and shall ensure that the fire control passage is unblocked.Matters needing attention in transportation of dangerous chemicals How to do emergency rescue of dangerous chemical accidents?Be careful of dangerous chemicals around you. Many people mistakenly think that dangerous chemicals are stored in the warehouse or marked with obvious inflammable and explosive signs.But in fact, we also have a lot of dangerous chemicals everywhere, do be careful!!Source: Guangdong Emergency Management, Ministry of Emergency Management, Shenzhen Emergency Management