“Protecting the safety of all Families” is the protection of hunan Public security during the Spring Festival

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Hunan Public Security civilian auxiliary police give up the small home, for everyone to stick to their posts, loyally perform their duties to protect the New Year and draw a picture of peace traffic dredge to ensure smooth, dredge to ensure smooth for the people’s safe travel escort we have been in action!Bring about New Year’s eve night, phoenix police to rescue vehicles were stuck in a blizzard bring about New Year’s eve, which is the traffic police fear the wind and snow, stick to bring about peace on the first night, loudi high-speed traffic police joint maintenance departments sitting direction shoveling snow de-icing bring annual second day morning, baojing hidden perils in the traffic police to carry out the road against warm hearts of ice and snow, ice and snow of the public security in active as before, help the masses,We’ve been on the move!Bring on the first night, longhui small ShaJiang police station auxiliary police to rescue people trapped in the snow vehicles bring annual second day morning, chenzhou furong bayhood public security bureau police station police with snow to clear the ice on the communication optical cable bring annual second day morning, xuefeng is necessary the municipal public security bureau police station auxiliary police Yang cheng to help bring annual maintenance circuit of power department and early in the morning,Pingjiang Public Security Fushou Mountain police station in the removal of barricades patrol prevention and control uninterrupted patrol duty I am on duty, escort peace, protect the Three Hunan four rivers, create peace and harmony we have been in action!▲ On New Year’s Eve, Xinning Public Security Cheetah Commandos armed patrol in Langshan Scenic spot ▲ On New Year’s Eve, Changsha special police patrol in May 1 business circle ▲ On the morning of the second day of the New Year, Changde Wuling public security police on duty in Wanda Square ▲ On the morning of the second day of the New Year, Tao Jiang Special police on duty in the snow ▲ On the morning of the second day of the New Year,Wugang public security patrol police joint armed police joint patrol to help the masses warm the needs of the people, the police to send warmth, solve problems, add flavor we have been in action!Bring on the first day, phoenix public security from the square in the electric cheat publicity and bring on the first night, mayang patrol special police help vehicles of impending distress to erase bring annual lunar calendar at 2 PM, new sway GongXi the policemen help the lost man to find the way home we use chicheng escort openning four water we use to interpret responsibility bear # I guard m peace in post # # #