Railway couples Spring Festival travel year

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Railway workers get busier every time the Spring Festival travel rush comes.In order to better meet the people travel, there are a lot of ordinary railway workers, still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, through fine inspection and repair to ensure the safety of the main artery of railway transport, to achieve a safe and orderly Spring Festival transport, is their biggest wish!Wang Zichao, 30, and Zhang Shuangying, 28, are husband and wife. They both work in the Lanzhou vehicle-mounted equipment workshop of the Lanzhou Electronics Section of China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co. LTD.The locomotive pulling the train operation, after each transport mission, must return to the maintenance depot for maintenance and maintenance, and they are engaged in the work, is to carry out maintenance and testing of passenger locomotive equipment.For a locomotive, the daily inspection and maintenance of the project is very complex, including the locomotive operation monitoring and recording device, also known as the “black box”.Wang’s department is in charge of maintaining the 160KM/H concentrated emu, commonly known as the hulk.During the Spring Festival, he at least once a day to complete 14 locomotive on-board equipment inspection maintenance, a 230 – metre – long train, need to drill car, roof, run two head, can’t let go of any a cable, also cannot ignore any details, most of the time to walk 30000 steps a day, because only careful meticulous overhaul, to the safety of the train were run,Provide reliable equipment support.After completing each vehicle-mounted equipment overhaul, he would download the locomotive’s recorded operation data and hand it over to the analysts.The operation of each locomotive is inseparable from signals, lines, Bridges, tunnels and other information, just like the “eyes” of the locomotive, which is an important data to ensure the safe operation of the train.Zhang shuangying’s usual job is to play back and analyze the running data and detection data of each locomotive, so as to judge the running state of the train and the use of equipment. By finding faults, finding problems and plugging loopholes, he can find hidden dangers in advance and prevent faults.During the Spring Festival travel rush, she will analyze more than 1,500 pieces of locomotive data every day.Not only that, zhang shuangying also needs to answer phone calls from train drivers, accept equipment abnormal information in train operation, and cooperate with workshop and equipment maintenance personnel to deal with all kinds of emergencies at any time.Speaking of the couple’s work, usually cooperate with each other more, prince of the data need to be analyzed by his wife, and Zhang Shuangying analysis of the equipment problem, need her husband to get on the car disposal.Over time, in order to improve their professional abilities, they often discuss business together and learn from each other’s strengths.In the eyes of many people, they are not only partners in life, but also partners in work. Whether they are on duty during the day or overnight, they have the same work and rest time, and they share common topics at home or at work.Because of work, they will not be at home with their parents on New Year’s Eve this year.Since they got married in 2019, Wang zichao has been working at his post on New Year’s Eve for three consecutive years. Incidentally, Zhang Shuangying will also be on duty at work this year. Thinking about their parents at home, the couple feels a little guilty.But in their hearts, since they have chosen this job, they should shoulder their due responsibilities, to stick to their posts together to ensure the safety of train operation during the Spring Festival Travel rush, is their common wish.Lead editor: Song Feifei