State Grid Yanggu County Power Supply Company: “New Year’s Eve” emergency drill to guard the lights of thousands of households

2022-05-07 0 By

On January 25, it was the North Chinese New Year. At 19 o ‘clock in the evening, the Yanggu County power supply Company of State Grid organized a full professional emergency drill of “Chinese New Year’s Eve” to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid equipment and let the people of the county spend a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.In order to ensure power supply for the 2022 Spring Festival, Yanggu County Power Supply Company of State Grid has formulated the emergency drill plan for The Spring Festival eve according to the operation of on-site equipment.The drill was carried out in the way of actual combat simulation, and randomly selected 110 kv Wanglou station, 110 kV Jingyang Line and 10 kV Wanglou into Lion Building line as the drill objects.Emergency situations are simulated, such as failure of 111-3 knife switch on Leilou line of 110kV Wanglou station, foreign matter hanging on the lead wire of phase A of No.48 pole tower of 110kV Jingyang Line, clamp and heat on the equipment line of no.7 pole of county Party Committee of branch line of power supply Company of 10kV Wanglou to Lion Lou line.”Drill begins.”As the drill commander gave the order, the New Year’s Eve emergency drill officially opened.After receiving the emergency repair task, maintenance personnel immediately prepare equipment wire clip, laser gun and other emergency repair equipment materials, quickly arrive at the emergency repair site, the emergency repair personnel organized in an orderly manner, clear division of labor, carefully formulate the emergency repair plan, quickly complete the equipment wire clip replacement, laser foreign body removal, knife switch failure isolation and other emergency repair work.9 drills in 35 people, all kinds of vehicles, lasted 3 hours, by practicing the in the case of failure of the whole staff of emergency disposal ability and the ability of fast reaction, make sure that the fault occurs the practicability and reliability of emergency plan, the actual inspection professional bartender electrical personnel proficiency of emergency each link, provide strong support for reliable electricity supply during the Spring Festival.In the next step, Yanggu County Power Supply Company of State Grid will summarize and analyze the problems found in this exercise, strengthen inspection and temperature measurement, grasp the operation status of power grid equipment in real time, and ensure safe and reliable power supply for residents during the Spring Festival.Editor: Liu Yanfen Review: Li Zhaohui