The captain of the German men’s ice hockey team says calls for a “boycott of the Winter Olympics” are hypocritical political posturing

2022-05-07 0 By

Moritz Muller, captain of the German men’s ice hockey team, told German media that those calling for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics are hypocritical and only want to use sport for political purposes.In an interview with the German news agency DPA, Muller said those calling for a “boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics” were hypocritical.”They use Smartphones made in China, wear clothes and shoes made in China and expect us to boycott them.As an athlete, I’ve trained my heart out for the opportunity to compete in the Winter Olympics, and I’m looking forward to it no matter where it happens.”Muller believes that there is no basis for this kind of operation by a few western politicians.”Seven years ago, the whole world thought China was the most suitable country to host the Winter Olympics.The German city of Munich also bid, but locals voted the idea down.Everyone agrees that the various economic and trade cooperation between Germany and China is a successful and correct measure. No one thinks there is anything wrong with it.””If we can sell to China, but we can’t go skating and skiing there, I don’t think that’s the right decision.””I don’t think boycotts are going to solve anything. It has to go back to the Olympic spirit.In ancient times, both sides could call a truce in order to hold the Olympics.””The so-called ‘boycott’ is also using sports.When we say we will not send officials to China, does that mean we will not go there for the time being or never?I think we all know the answer. It’s a political stunt.”Mueller said.The IOC bans political expressions at the opening and closing ceremonies, in the stadium, at medal ceremonies and in the Olympic village, but allows them at press conferences, mixed zones and on social media.”I went there as a hockey player, not a politician,” Muller said.I won’t think about it. I won’t worry about it.”Muller said sport should not be abused by politics and should not pay for political mistakes.”Sport is not designed to divide people.We should see the Olympics as a handshake between different countries and cultures.”