Work early know!In those cases, you can skip the night shift!

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Hello, I’m Xiao Yue.With the development and progress of society, the competition between industry and position is also very fierce, so many enterprises or units in order to better adapt to the society and its own development, will arrange employees to work on night shifts.Speaking of night shift, the friend that had experience of night shift surely has experience deeply.Working night shift is not only bad for rest, but also harmful to health over a long period of time. However, many people have to continue in order to make a living and make money.So today we’re going to talk about when employees don’t need to work the night shift.1. According to the law, underage workers are allowed to work when they reach the age of 16, but because they are under the age of 18, in order to ensure their physical and mental health, the enterprises or units they work for are not allowed to put them in high-risk posts or arrange them to work night shifts.So underage workers are not required to work night shifts.(If you don’t know what underage workers are, you can read the previous article. In addition, if you work in an irregular company, you may also be assigned to work night shifts.)Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding as we all know, in addition to the care given to the old and the young in society, the most cared for is pregnant women.Night shift work is prohibited during pregnancy and during the period of breastfeeding (almost one year after birth), and maternity leave and maternity benefits are granted.In addition, during the pregnancy and lactation period of female employees, the company shall not dismiss employees without authorization.If have this kind of behavior, can safeguard own rights and interests through proper way!3. The body has experienced some kind of illness, not suitable for night work must be more or less everyone has been sick experience, if it is some minor illness and so on ok.If you have a serious illness and have undergone multiple operations, even if your body recovers after that, you will suffer great damage, resulting in decreased immunity and so on.And night work will aggravate the occurrence of this kind of situation, so in order to maintain their own, can submit information to the company application, let oneself not engaged in night work.4. Company humanized management, their own reasons to apply for this situation there is a kind of particularity.We all know that there are good and bad companies. Some good companies are very humane and will meet some of the needs of employees under certain conditions.So when someone doesn’t want to work night shift, they can apply to the company, or ask colleagues who prefer night shift life to transfer.Either way, I won’t have to work night shifts.Small yue sums up: night shift is a lot of enterprises or units for survival and development and have to exist a kind of working mode.Of course, there are also some companies are not on the night shift, so if you don’t want to work on the night shift, you can first find a unit that does not need to work on the night shift, if not found can also settle down, find those regular humanized companies.But in general, what you pay, what you get, everything is relative.Of course, if in their own reasonable circumstances are treated unfairly, also need to actively raise;If be no good really also can seek the aid of legal respect oh!