Animation recommended: 58 love, fantasy and adventure animation!

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Love type: 1. Green sauce can not learn 2. House male corruption female love is really difficult 3.Love of Death and Robots Season1 5. Crooked Magic Instructor and Taboo Canon 6. Sin Crown Season1 episode 7.The Prince of Pervert and the Cat Who Didn’t Laugh Season 112. The World only God knows Season1 13.Juliet at Boarding School Season1The Magic of the Seven Season1 episode 17. The Covenanters of The New Demon King Season1 Episode 18.Is there any time?Can you come to the rescue?20. Monthly girl Nozaki +SP Fantasy: 1. Modo Master Season 1 2.No job reincarnation ~ to the other world to show the real skill ~ Season 2 3. Catalogue of Banned Magic books season 1 4.Goblin Killer Season1 5. Violet’s Eternal Garden episode 6. The Ending of the Seraphim Season1 7.8. About my reincarnation as Slim Season1 9.Re: Life from Scratch Season1 10.OVERLORD of the Undead Season 3 13Fate/ Stay Night UBW/ Infinity Sword Season 2 16The Seven SINS Season3: The Gods Against the Gods season1: The Game of Life Season1: The Liver Engineer’s Fantasia Adventure: 1.Attack giant OAD collection 2 detective Conan 3 Dragon Ball Z4 Steel alchemy FA5.7.JOJO’s Fantastic Adventures Part 1 and part 2 Phantom Blood + Battle Tide 8.Inuyasha 9. What’s wrong with meeting in a dungeon? Season 2 10.Season 1 +OVA11.Moon Japanese version fragment 12. Grey and Fantasy grimgar 13. Secluded Tour White book 14.The Seven Crimes Season1 +OAD15. Cabaneri of Armor City 16. The List of The Brave of the Shield Season1 17.Yugi-oh! Season 1: Duel of the Monsters 19. Full Time Hunter Remastered 20.The Battle of the Seal of emperor