Benmingnian chronicle

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On the last day of the Year of the Ox, my family set out for Sanya Station with no less than six pieces of luggage. Holding my sister in my arms, I couldn’t help feeling that I was really busy from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.The year of the ox is my year of birth, the year of the ox has not arrived, has asked a master to inquire, year of birth oh, what should pay more attention to?The master of northeast accent said, nothing, this year looks no problem ah, you can rest assured.I am not at ease, originally not superstitious, the key you have a person, in his birth year that year, it can be said that a little not smooth.A few days after the winter solstice at the end of 2019, Chen was driving to go back to his hometown. He had just left Shanghai to Jiashan and accidentally had a rear-end accident.His right hand was broken, but his son, who was riding with him, was fine.When I called, I was alone in jiashan No. 1 People’s Hospital after burning the midnight oil from Shanghai. The hospital was full of children and adults lining up to see the flu.It was that night that I thought to myself, My God, the year of my birth is not easy.After a year, I must be careful.There is another funny thing about Chen’s birth year. During the Spring Festival, our family went to Germany. On the eve of the Spring Festival, in Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown, my mother insisted on buying red socks for Chen and my father, who was born in the year of mice.She took it very seriously, as if they could not buy red socks, they would have a bad year.So I went to every shop in Salzburg, big and small, and finally bought some pairs of red socks in a gift shop.It was my year of birth. My sister had been born for four or five months, and everyone in the family was busy.But the month sister-in-law reminds me, you see you wear black clothes all day long, New Year’s Day you buy a few red, how good-looking ah, wear more bright face ah.I retaliated by buying half a dozen red hoodies and sweaters, only to wear each one for an hour at most, and quickly switch back to black.Dark clothes are the color of working people, and when they are put on, they have a feeling that they are ready to start working.Red is too bright, festive and confusing.And at that time, my sister often vomited milk, so black clothes were more suitable for changing.A week before the year of the Ox, Yuesao left, and Chen, desperate for a new babysitter, came to try out two of them. The baby cried so much that the roof broke down.I relented and thought it was okay to take care of the kids myself.So, the whole Spring Festival baby.At that time did not go to the year of birth above think, then a thought, wow, the taste of taking a child, is not the master said, meet this life too old, like into a mire, a muddy, difficult.Sister-in-law left, sister suddenly can not sleep, Chen like a monkey scurried around the room, trying to find a way to subdue sister.We finally walked the old way, one to ten more sister did not sleep, directly take the car in the community outside repeated circle, a circle of good luck to fall asleep, bad luck, it is difficult to say, more than an hour is also possible.Such nights were repeated countless times throughout the year of the Ox. Every time Chen got into the car, he would ask: Where to?I’ve thought about going to the Bund for a hundred times.Until December, did not really take a tour of the Bund.Midnight from songjiang drive forty minutes to the Bund, sister sleep very heavy, Xiao Chen regret to find that the lujiazui kitchen three sets in the middle of the night does not light, Oriental Pearl are dark, let songjiang heart cool.Very not easy in order to coax sleep really opened a trip, the results found that the magic are busy has ended business.This year, I often stayed up all night. To the north of my bedroom is my small study. The later my sister sleeps, the later I start working.Sometimes the state is good, a hard to write down, the completion of the time, has been dawn.A Japanese photographer said that his favorite time after finishing work was around 3 or 4 a.m. when he would go to a convenience store to buy rice balls and eat them. He would feel satisfied eating the simple rice balls.There is no convenience store near my home, after the work of the day, if the day has been bright, I will stand in the balcony for a while, the birds in the community have woken up, issued a variety of mild calls, looking at the green yard, when it is to wash your eyes.If this time to go downstairs to bake a piece of bread, steamed bun, must be very satisfied.But after giving birth to a woman is also a woman, the thought of weight may hit a new high, or quickly wash and sleep.I have found some patterns between weight and creativity. If I write more than 5,000 words a day, NO matter how many high-calorie foods I eat, I will not gain weight.The indescribable anxiety will burn all the chocolate, beef jerky, and sandwich you’ve swallowed.But the thinnest time in a year, is “marriage practice” after writing, a relaxed, in addition to update the public number outside without any urgent things to do.In the middle of the night, the machine that needed to work immediately stopped working, and I drank hot water and watched movies in a leisurely mood. A week later, I lost several pounds.Overworked fat really don’t cheat me.I thought I would have a better life later, but only a week later I had to work again.Eileen Chang said to be famous as early as possible, 23 years old already famous.This year, I think countless times, already 36 years old oh, what do you have to take the works?If you can write now, why don’t you write more?At the beginning of writing a new novel, my sister was probably afraid that I did not pay enough attention to her, so she fell ill one after another.Went to the hospital to see eczema, infected with norovirus, norovirus just not long, and infected with cold virus, very not easy to almost no fever, want to go to the hospital for a second visit, day, and infected with a new cold virus.Children repeatedly sick, again and again hone I did not have any temper.”Like a mud, a mud.”On the eve of the winter solstice, another very annoying thing happened, which required repeated phone calls, repeated consultations with people, several times or in the hospital with people on the phone.So I asked a master, want to ask, after all what break the method of this year?If it’s okay to wear red, this time I’m going to wear a red envelope from head to toe.The result master said, according to the algorithm of ancient people, the winter solstice is the beginning of a New Year, your birth year has passed.I immediately beaming, yo ha, past?It didn’t.After the New Year’s day, things are too much, several times stay up to five o ‘clock in the morning, finally successfully sent himself to the hospital.But if you think about it, it’s nothing serious.When I arrived in Sanya for vacation and checked into the hotel, I suddenly started to work and rest as a normal person. I went to bed at 12 o ‘clock at night and woke up at 8 or 9 o ‘clock in the morning. This kind of work and rest shocked me.Getting up at 8 am and eating breakfast at 9 am gives you a whole day to make the most of.I spent some nights in the hotel downstairs pool with my son, who couldn’t get enough of it, swimming in the lukewarm water in disbelief.I was able to live such a holiday like the day, the fatigue of the birth year finally away from me gradually…A tiger friend said, she bought a red sweater years ago, this year must not be ambiguous.Each year is like a new round of growth. At 36, it’s officially like saying goodbye to innocence. This year is not the problem, the problem is to become a truly mature adult and maybe accept that, like getting stuck in the mire, is actually a part of life.When it’s over, ho, you’re light, you’re a hero, you can fight for another 500 years.To wish you all a happy New Year, a happy family and a bonanza!I wish the friends of this year smooth, safe and healthy!Feel free to write your year of your Birth story in the comments section.