Immortal fight!Su yiming ranked second with 89.50 points in her first jump and 92 points in her show of 1800

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The final of men’s snowboard big jump at the Winter Olympic Games began with Su Yiming representing The Chinese national team. The Chinese national team will compete for the sixth gold medal. The final of men’s snowboard big jump consists of 12 athletes.In the qualifying round, Su scored 92.50 points in the first round, but made some mistakes when landing in the second round, he scored 62.75 points, fell in the third round, and finally reached the fifth place in the group with 155.25 points.After the first round of the final, Canada’s Sharpe was the first to go out. He made a mistake and fell on his first dive 1620, scoring only 20 points. Holland’s Van der Velden, who made a mistake on the inside of 1620, grabbed the board and landed with a slight error, scoring 83.75 points.Konin of the United States, 1800, air grab board, steady landing, he scored 92 points, Norway’s Leisweiland, is a foot out of the 1800, perfect completion, he scored 89.25 points, Canada’s McMorris, reverse foot inside 1800,80.50 points, Sweden’s Tolgren a mistake fell, he only scored 25.25 points.Cleaveland of Norway, with an inside turn of 1800, landed perfectly with 87.75 points. Cleaveland was third.Next up is China’s Su Yiming, whose performance was perfect, 1800 catch tail, he scored 89.50 points, he temporarily ranked second.In front of several players can be said to be immortal fight, the audience are in the show 1800.