In my 17th year of driving, I learned to drive with a teacher

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The last day of the Spring Festival holiday, today back to Qingdao.A trip of less than three hours took more than five hours.Why is that?Peak return.Last day of freeways.Can’t afford the highway fare?It isn’t.But 70 or 80 yuan, can afford to buy a car, care about this toll is probably not many people.The main thing is, a lot of people have to go to work tomorrow.It’s not good to be late on your first day.More importantly, folk pay attention to “if you want to go, three, six, nine”.In the first lunar month, people automatically switch to lunar mode, which means it is advisable to travel on days of March 69.If you want to go out, especially if you have to travel a long distance, it’s best to choose the third day and the sixth day and the ninth day (or the thirteenth, sixteenth, and nineteenth, anyway).We all choose 369 return, the highway, especially many cars.Many roads are red.Along the way, there were four or five traffic accidents.The most thrilling together, is the highway in a certain way, a car back row right door was smashed, a mess, a young man standing next to the phone, another car parked in front of more than ten meters.Do you know how it happened?I really don’t know.Too fast, illegal lane change.Say again: you last descend high speed, changed three ways once, want blood life.Thank god there’s no car behind us.You can’t change lanes like that in the future – I’ve had my driver’s license for 17 years and probably covered less than 2,000 miles on the motorway.Therefore, every time on the highway are very nervous, and afraid of nodding off, will drink a cup of coffee before the highway to refresh.Today, too.Originally I was able to open for him for a while, such as from juxian service area to huangdao service area, but, the highway congestion, service area simply into.On the way, he pressed the double flash several times.Ask me, do you know when to double flash?I said nothing.Remember, many years ago to drive to Yinan, several colleagues together, they said open double flash, let people know that we are a team.I weakly asked the people, where to open the double flash…I didn’t buy a car until the year after I got my driver’s license. I forgot how to drive.I have a headache driving everywhere. Why don’t we park?Speaking of, I’m an old driver, too.Last night, learned again “understand to learn to drive”.Benefited a lot, the document to the family and study groups.Xiaoxi signed up for her driver’s license on her 18th birthday.The first day he got his license, he grabbed his dad’s car.That day happened to be my birthday, after dinner she drove home, I sat in the back seat, nervous sweat.Later, I heard that she had rented a car with her classmates abroad.Be on tenterhooks.I hope she can learn how to drive from Teacher Dong.”Know How to Drive” over 26,000 words.A lot of dry stuff.The point is to have a story.And it refreshes a few of my perceptions.For example, if the speed limit on a road is 40, how can you run if everyone is going 60?My answer is 40.Instead, he wrote, “Run 60.”I have spent time in Japan, and Japanese drivers are very well-behaved, even to the point of being dull, but on the roads in Japan, you will find that they are also generally speeding, which is probably a universal universal.If you insist on mechanically running according to 40, then all cars will avoid you, but more dangerous.My understanding of this point is not only to strictly abide by the traffic rules, but also to “violate the rules”, they all run according to 60, which means there is no speed measurement here, when there is a speed measurement point, everyone will naturally slow down.He said, well, when you write about safe driving, you can’t encourage the reader to do that.I said, of course, I would recommend everyone strictly in accordance with the 40 to run, do not exceed.He said, well, when you write about safe driving, you can’t encourage the reader to do that.I said, of course, I would recommend everyone strictly in accordance with the 40 to run, do not exceed.”Know How to Drive” is written in conversational style and easy to understand.After the car insurance part.I asked my neighbor, who was watching TV in the living room, did you buy third party insurance for your car?He said of course he would!Can we not buy it?!Not only did I buy it, I bought it for $1.5 million.Oh.That’s ok.I know I’m watching Know How to Drive.He was a little angry, said, I tell you you don’t listen, understand what you write you read.Did I not listen?I listen to them all.Well, maybe you were too verbose, and I was driving.Besides, learning to drive is the same as “monks from far away are good at chanting sutras”.Mr. Dong’s driving experience, three words: first, the highest realm of driving is to strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations.Second, every traffic law is written in blood.Third, rely on luck can not be lucky for a lifetime.About danger of responsibility of a third party, Dong teacher is written so: I buy car danger to have a requirement only, it is danger of 3 persons, I am to choose highest sum commonly, in the past highest sum is 1 million, it is 2 million now, actually?Half a million is not much different from a million or two million premium.According to insurance company clerk say, highest can buy 10 million, but want to apply for alone, prevent cheat protect.What, he asks, is the rationale for the emphasis on triple risk?I said, I have an old iron named Cao Jiping, the most powerful insurance seller in Shandong, as long as he is in, no one can take away the sales champion.What makes him so good at selling insurance?You feel that he is not selling, but to help you, is after his popular science, you find yourself in need, and he is exactly the person to help.He once told me, the car loss insurance these are not as important as the three insurance, even if you do not buy car loss insurance, nothing more than your car assets have zero risk, such as hit scrapped no one compensate.But what about triple risk?If you hit someone or a car that you can’t afford, you could lose your family or even get into debt. Triple insurance helps you take on responsibilities that you can’t or won’t take on.He cited the example of a driver who crashed into a cycling group in Yantai, and his house and car savings were then secured by assets.Of course, triple insurance is not everything. For example, if you kill five people at once, you have to pay $5 million. Even if you buy $2 million triple insurance, you still have to pay $3 million.I used to hate it when god honked his horn.He honked his horn once, and I gave him a hard time. I thought he shouldn’t do it. I thought he should wait for the guy.He retorted: The horn is for people to press.Today, on Beijing East Road, which is a closed freeway in the middle, someone was walking across the road while talking on the phone. It was so bold.He honked his horn and I thought I should.It’s a death wish.Although “hit it is useless”, but if someone really hit, not bad luck?About honking.”Do you honk a lot?”Dong teacher said in the article: much, this is also the biggest controversy of the last version of the place, because the friends of the big city generally do not press the horn, so a listen to my suggestion to press the horn on the feel very uncivilized.In fact, the horn is also an important driving language.For example, whenever there is a blind spot on a mountain road, you must honk the horn.In addition, in the countryside also want to honk more, because suddenly out of the alley a child or a dog, if you honk?At least the kids are alert.Another situation where you honk a lot is with a big truck. You can’t be sure that the driver of the big truck has spotted you, and you need to signal your presence and intention through the horn.’The lights, the horns are the language of driving,’ he said.I said, yeah, make sure the cars in front and behind GET your message, so you’re safe.Most people use a turn signal at the moment they change lanes, which is irresponsible and does not give people sufficient psychological preparation.Before reading this article about learning to drive, I didn’t know the triangle should be 150 meters.Pull over, then open double flash, take out the tripod, walk 150 meters to place, people standing outside the guardrail waiting for rescue.He said, do you know how far 150 meters is?I said, I must know.Have you run 100 meters?The tripod that most people place is less than 50 meters, the closer it is, the more dangerous it is for them.Why are they so close together?One, it ignored the 150 meter requirement of the traffic law, and the other was that it was far enough after a visual inspection.The most important thing to learn is to stand outside the guardrail.He said, very standard.I said, I’ve seen it a lot. The highway is the most likely to have a secondary accident.As a woman driver who has had a driver’s license for 17 years and has actually driven for 15 years, I find this literature invaluable.Last year before the Mid-Autumn Festival back to Linyi, less than two kilometers away from home, on the Road in Beijing, an electric car left turn into our car.It’s a 60-year-old woman.It’s a good thing she wore a helmet, or she would have been scared.This information, a wide range of riding bikes, riding electric bikes, can also learn a lot of safety regulations.Like how should a bike turn left?It’s straight plus straight….Thank you for understanding the teacher.If you need it, leave a message and share it with you.