Lingnan University Master of Urban and Governance analysis

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Lingnan University (Lingnan University), located in Hong Kong, China, is commonly known as “Lingnan University”. It was founded in 1888 in Guangzhou, China. It is now one of the eight public universities supported by Hong Kong, China, and a founding member of The Boya University Alliance in Asia.Member of Global Liberal Arts School Alliance, Beijing-Hong Kong University Alliance, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area University Alliance, Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance, and VERIFIED VIP member of AACSB.In 2015, Lingnan University was ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 liberal arts universities in Asia.Lingnan university focuses on the humanities, management courses, and theoretical research in the humanities, and develops a higher education based on liberal arts teaching philosophy.Its scope is deliberately reduced to implement highly interactive small classes and to create close teacher-student relationships.The content of the course is basically broad and interdisciplinary, and it aims to educate students to become “knowledgeable and elegant freemen in daily life”.Lingnan University is also the only university in Hong Kong that can offer full four-year residential accommodation to all undergraduate graduates.Master of Cities and Governance Students who do not wish to major in all fields must take the following 10 main courses:Core Courses (10 course contents,30 gpa) MCG501 Metropolitan Cities and Social Transformation (3 GPA) MCG502 Greater Bay Area Policy Research and Visits (3 GPA)MCG503 Historical Time, Property and Regional Perspectives (3 GPA) MCG504 Intangible Heritage Culture and Property Maintenance (3 GPA)MCG505Smart and Sustainable Megacity (3 credits) MCG506 Current Policies on Population Aging in Greater China (3 credits)MCG507 Environmental Pollution issues and Current Policies:International Symposium (3 credit points) MCG509 Mastery of Metropolitan Indicators and Public Policy (3 credit points) MCG510 Symposium on Intelligent Governance (3 credit points) CRS501 National and Regional Scientific Research:Political science, Current Policy and International Development Trends (3 gpa) Students selected for the natural Environment and Sustainable Development Technology major must take the following 10 main courses: Core Courses (10 courses, 30 GPA) :MCG501 Metropolitan Cities and Social Transformation (3 gpa) MCG502 Greater Bay Area Policy Research and Field Trips (3 GPA)MCG504 Intangible Cultural heritage and Property Maintenance (3 GPA)MCG505 Smart and Sustainable Metropolitan Cities (3 GPA) MCG507Environmental Pollution and current policies:International Seminar (3 credits) SCI502 Climate Literacy and Scientific Rationality (3 credits) SCI503 Sustainable Development and Communication with the Natural Environment (3 credits)SCI504 Urban Green Ecology and Sustainability Planning (3 credits) SCI505(3 credits) CRS501 National and Regional scientific Research: Politics, Current policies and International Trends (3 credits) If you have any questions, you are welcome to analyze them anytime, anywhere.To learn more