New Hainan Spring Festival planning | Hainan around how to say?There are many interesting New Year customs in the local dialect

2022-05-08 0 By

The Year of the Tiger, the year of the Tiger, the local accent to say hello to the New Year, naturally, there will be no New Year greetings, you know hainan around how to say?Do you still remember the customs of Chinese New Year?Today, take a look at hainan’s New Year greetings!Hainan dialect, Li Dialect, Danzhou Dialect, Danjia Dialect…You have never heard of the Custom of Hainan year are here, come together to “make a year”!In this new Hainan client “Hainan Village” column I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a happy Year of the Tiger Supervised production: Li Hao Planning: Guo Zuying Planning: Xu Haira Zhou Yumin invited dialect “spokesperson” :Chen Kelang li Guiqing Hua Hua Han Xifu Hua Jin Zeng Ruoxin Huang Li CAI Wang Zhimin Wu Qingsui Shun editing: Lin Fangyu Nanhai network