Three Winter Olympics, three MEDALS!American athlete Gopper reveals the reason to stay competitive

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“Never in my wildest dreams would I have won three MEDALS in three Winter Olympics.”American Golper said.Nicholas Gopper of the United States won silver in the men’s freestyle ski slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 16, the third Winter Olympics medal of his career.Nicholas Gopper (l) of the United States, who finished second in the men’s freestyle skiing slopestyle final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, poses during a trophy presentation ceremony in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 16, 2018.In today’s final, Gopper slipped in the first round and scored only 45.75 points.On the second slide, Goper was very confident and even jumped on top of the house props in the second prop area of the competition, which was very entertaining to watch.After that, he made back-to-back right turns 1260, right turns 1440 and left turns 1440, steadily sliding toward the end zone.After seeing this performance, Gooper’s coaching staff also breathed a sigh of relief, gooper moved into second place with 86.48 points.In the third skate, Gerper tried to go for a more difficult routine, but made a small mistake and won silver.Nicholas Gopper, born in 1994, took up skiing at the age of five and became obsessed with slopestyle because it allowed him to move faster and jump higher.He began competing professionally in 2012 and was selected to the national team for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where he won a bronze medal.But after The Sochi Olympics, his sudden fame made him a little overwhelmed, but he got over it through psychological adjustment.In Pyeongchang he competed again and went on to win a silver medal.Gopper has had a good year, finishing second in the Slopestyle World Cup at Mammoth Mountain in early January and third in overall points this season, and is in relatively good form heading into Beijing.”I was a little nervous in the first round, so I made a mistake,” She said after finishing second today.I didn’t have a perfect second run, but I got silver.””To win three MEDALS in three Winter Olympics is something I never dreamed of, and if you had told me that when I was 16, I would have said you were crazy.The reason WHY I’ve been able to stay competitive is because I keep practicing, and that’s what I do.”Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li Yuanfei 陈嘉堃 Deng Fangjia Pan Zhiwang process editor: U022