Zhang Yuqiong, deputy director of provincial Health Commission, led a team to the Second People’s Hospital of Bijie city, Salaxi branch to carry out a visit to leprosy patients

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The last Sunday in January is world Leprosy Day.On January 25th, on the occasion of the 69th “World Leprosy Prevention and Control Day” and the 35th “Chinese Leprosy Festival”, Zhang Yuqiong, deputy Director of provincial Health Commission, led the relevant responsible comrades of provincial Health Commission, provincial Civil Affairs Department, Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation, Provincial CDC and other departments.He visited and consoled leprosy recuperators and leprosy prevention and treatment workers in salaxi Branch of the Second People’s Hospital of Bijie city.Dan Tong, vice mayor of Bijie Municipal People’s Government, Chen Defeng, director of municipal Health Bureau, Lu Min, deputy director of the municipal health Bureau, and relevant responsible comrades of the relevant units attended the visit.The theme of this year’s “China Leprosy Festival” is “Caring for leprosy patients, Creating a Better life”, which aims to call on all relevant departments to work together, care for leprosy patients, care for and respect leprosy patients and staff, and make unremitting efforts to continuously consolidate the incidence of leprosy and keep the prevalence of leprosy at a low level.At the event, Zhang Yuqiong and Dan Tong presented condolence gold, rice, pork, edible oil and other gifts to the leprosy recuperators in the hospital. They also sent festival greetings and New Year’s greetings to the leprosy prevention and control workers and leprosy recuperators. They also visited the leprosy recuperators staying in the hospital and inspected their treatment, rehabilitation and living conditions.The chief of the hospital gave a detailed introduction of the infrastructure construction and the work of combining medical care with nursing care for those staying in the hospital.The condolence activity distributed 386 jin of pork, 33 barrels of rapeseed oil, 880 jin of rice, 220 jin of white sugar, 33,000 yuan of condolence.The rest members took the condolence money and consolation goods, the joy of expression, have thanked the party and the government’s concern, expressed the joy of life is better and better, the whole condolence activity in a warm and harmonious atmosphere successfully ended.This “Chinese Leprosy Festival” condolence activity, brought the party’s warmth and the government’s care for leprosy patients and leprosy prevention and control workers, made leprosy patients full of confidence in treatment, rehabilitation and life, and encouraged leprosy prevention and control workers to work harder.Before the visit, Li Jinlan, director of the provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, and his delegation also went to the Second People’s Hospital of Bijie city to carry out the 69th “World Leprosy Day” and the 35th “Chinese Leprosy Festival” sympathy symposium.Learned, leprosy control work in bijie city municipal party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to and support, actively implement the “prevention first, prevention, defense from spreading” policy, take “early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment” prevention and control of strategy, continuously improve the prevention and control of network, improve the symptoms of monitoring work, the full implementation of the strategy and measures for the prevention and cure, leprosy prevention and control work of continue to consolidate,The lives of leprosy patients and recuperators are improving.Contribution: Liu Chunqian Editor: Wu Yong Review: Long Zhiqian Editor: Liu Chunqian