Do you dare to play cards and gamble during Spring Festival?Sangzhi public security captured 14 gambling involved personnel

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 3, 2022, the third day of the Chinese New Year, the Public Security Bureau of Sangzhi County arrested 14 people involved in gambling.During the Spring Festival, friends and relatives get together, inevitably drinking on the table and the pastime on the card table, but there are always part of the “restless” “dishonest” people taking advantage of the good day of returning home for the Chinese New Year, delusion with a year of hard earned money on the gambling table to make a windfall.During the Spring Festival, sangzhi County public Security Bureau badagong Mountain police station in the area of patrol, found a gambling dens, immediately launched an investigation.Zhuangerping village is located in the northeast of Bagongshan Town, bordering wudaoshui Town and Hubei province. It is a remote village with low temperature and high terrain.Recently, the village “three fairs” prohibition gambling ethos, police station at eight archduke mountain ZhuangEr gambling ping village to disperse the crowd, and in the village many times for the publicity, told the crowd did, group gambling, but with little success, to eliminate the social bad style, maintaining good public security environment, eight archduke mountain police station auxiliary police initiative to give up all the people of the Spring Festival vacation time,Actively carrying out patrol prevention and control, a gambling place was successfully destroyed in a private house in Zhuangerping Village, Badagongshan Town at 3 am on February 3, and 14 gamblers were arrested.Classics check, participate in gambling personnel to take “three public” means to gather gambling.At present, 14 people involved in illegal gambling were punished by the Public security bureau of Sangzhi administrative detention.During the Spring Festival, sangzhi police again reminded the masses not to gamble, not to gamble, not to gamble and not to touch the bottom line of the law to be law-abiding citizens.Edit: Chen Jiaman proofread: Tang Jiwei review: Zhong Zhengrong