From lenovo to millet, workplace “cheating with women’s feelings of the man” chang Cheng’s next stop will be which?

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Chang Cheng, former group vice president and general manager of Xiaomi’s mobile phone products division, has left the company for personal reasons, according to an internal document released by Xiaomi on Jan 28.Chang previously worked at Lenovo Group for 19 years, serving as vice president, head of the mobile phone business and other core positions.At that time, it was only one day between Chang Cheng’s official announcement of his resignation from Lenovo and Lei Jun’s announcement of his joining Xiaomi, which also triggered the dispute between Lenovo and Xiaomi about chang Cheng’s competition agreement.”Thanks to mi, I have personally experienced the power of Xiaomi model in two years, and I have met a group of young friends who love and love products,” Chang wrote on his weibo account.I sincerely wish my rice indomitable, stars and the sea.”The farewell was a bit hollow compared to the “real talent” of Weibo when he left Lenovo at the end of 2019, but it is true that Chang’s two years at Xiaomi have not been good.Leave more than 0 contribution in 2 years Is lei jun failure in early 2020, the former lenovo mobile executives Chang Cheng abrupt departure to join the millet mobile phone, Chang Cheng as that time joined after Lu Weibing millet 2nd external executives, at that time, there are a lot of people a lot of hopes, because lei jun and introducing a like Lu Weibing’s right-hand man.After joining Xiaomi, Chang Cheng obtained the first product is Mi 10 Youth edition, which is positioned as a mid-range mobile phone. Chang Cheng was really working hard when he was in charge of this mobile phone, but accidentally became too hard.In the publicity copy, in order to reflect the youth sense and the ability to take photos of this model, Chang Cheng wen case wrote: take boys playing basketball crotch crack, take the opposite girl’s dormitory.Chang cheng publicity copywriting was some netizens feel inappropriate, until the various netizens criticism sent hot search.Chang eventually posted two consecutive apologies on his Micro blog, the first of which was preceded by a verbal explanation, but netizens continued to criticize him.For the second time, Chang sent a letter of apology again. This time, he also donated 100,000 yuan to the Shanghai Dream Foundation to remind himself of this lesson.After this, Chang Cheng is not in charge of the model, but usually in their own micro blog for some routine publicity, and Lu Weibing compared to the presence of a lot of small.In September 2020, Chang’s former employer, Lenovo Group, suddenly demanded that Chang join Xiaomi at that time.Chang had already signed a non-compete agreement with Lenovo at the time and had violated the agreement by rushing to Join Xiaomi less than two months after leaving Lenovo.In general, Chang Cheng from joining millet after two consecutive things, millet out to make a fool of himself, but the contribution is almost 0.Chang cheng is responsible for a mi 10 youth model, sales are not outstanding.Accordingly, chang Cheng goes up to be called is lei Jun introduces executive the most failure.As mentioned above, In September 2020, Lenovo, Chang Cheng’s former employer, suddenly investigated Chang Cheng for joining Xiaomi at that time, which was a big deal at that time.The dispute stems from chang’s almost seamless transition from Lenovo to Xiaomi.On December 31, 2019, Chang cheng himself announced his resignation from Lenovo Group.Two days later, on January 2, 2020, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun announced on weibo that Chang Cheng had joined the company as vice president of Xiaomi Group, in charge of mobile product planning.Lenovo Group responded to Chang Cheng’s job-hopping at that time: The company has signed a non-compete clause with all senior executives. If there is a breach of contract, the company will seek a proper solution to the problem within the legal framework and jointly create a space for talent flow that respects the spirit of contract.However, Xiaomi officials said on January 2 that Chang Cheng “did not sign a non-competition clause and did not receive compensation”.In June, Chang said at the arbitration tribunal that he had not signed the Lenovo restrictive agreement himself, which proved that the non-compete agreement was real.Subsequently, appraisal orgnaization looks for signature material inside archives of industrial and commercial branch, final appraisal is chang Cheng himself signature.At this point, lenovo and Chang Cheng between the “Lenovo restrictive Agreement” and non-competition compensation have been hammered.This was proved by Lenovo’s response on Sept 21, when lenovo said it had paid Chang more than 5 million yuan in non-compete consideration for his shares in the 24 months prior to his departure from the company since the signing of the restrictive agreement in 2017.After Chang cheng’s departure, Lenovo also paid him non-compete economic compensation.In fact, anyone with half a brain would find Chang’s denial of signing a non-compete agreement, his signature on the agreement, to be contemptible.Now domestic science and technology companies with a little scale will sign a non-compete agreement with their executives, or even major technical personnel, not to mention lenovo is a major global PC manufacturer and a fortune 500 enterprise.Could lenovo executives not have signed non-compete agreements?Xiaomi officially responded on January 2 that Chang Cheng “did not sign a competition clause and did not receive compensation for competition”. However, there are two undoubted influences on chang Cheng’s handwriting appraisal by the arbitration committee and the final ruling of the arbitration committee:First, it has a huge negative impact on xiaomi’s reputation. Second, the industry has a huge negative evaluation of Chang Cheng’s character and ability to deal with emergencies.Lenovo sent a message at the time of Chang Cheng’s departure and held a large-scale ceremony to give Chang enough face, but Chang Cheng turned around and went to Millet.On the one hand, it was because of family reasons that lenovo left the company. Three days later, he was immediately transferred to a company with direct competition by the official announcement. Only one day later, lenovo’s health recovered and family problems were solved.From the perspective of Changcheng, on December 31, 2019, Changcheng weibo announced his resignation, summarizing his 19-year career in Lenovo with the words “Feeling of gratitude and gratitude”. He listed every important point of time in the past 19 years, full of memories. With the picture, he and his brother hugged each other, which moved people’s hearts.Full of memories and moved when leaving, the next day into the once competitor.This wave of operation to tell the truth, even if just graduated career rookie is afraid also stem not to come out.Even if you rest at home for half a year, and then join xiaomi, and then poor, to a real unknown, not to work first can also?Chang cheng’s choice is hard to understand, high – profile departure, high – transfer, high-profile work.Honest people can’t stand men who cheat and play with women’s feelings.Smashed the new owner of the signboard, refuted the old owner of the face, along with the open his character and cognition, this one hand one stone three birds to play dumbstruck.Never do anything to damage your professional reputation.The reason chang is leaving Xiaomi now is eerily similar to the reason he left Lenovo, but the question now is which company would dare to hire him?