In 2013, dama deposited 13 million yuan in the bank, but disappeared when withdrawing the money. Bank: We were all cheated

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“Sorry, there is no money in your account”, the bank staff’s words directly put Aunt Yang into hell. She remembered that she had clearly deposited 13 million yuan in the bank a year ago, or she had deposited it herself. How could it be that it disappeared?Aunt Yang didn’t believe it at all, so she had to ask the staff to inquire again and again. Finally, the staff of the bank had to take Aunt Yang to another room for questioning.Under the staff’s inquiry, Yang aunt just spoke his experience a year ago.It turned out that one year ago, in 2013, Aunt Yang met a so-called bank business promoter surnamed Wu, who sold her his financial products in the name of Agricultural Bank of Fenghua District, Ningbo city.Wu mou said he is now in the promotion of this product, is the bank in order to rush performance, to the large deposit users to provide “interest subsidy”, at least can get 10% of the subsidy, as long as the deposit for a year.The high subsidy interest, coupled with the short number of years, Aunt Yang’s heart began to waver.Aunt Yang herself is the demolition of this generation, demolition money and her own savings, Yang has saved a total of 13 million yuan for the pension, she thought that if she can directly save all the money, then she can get the highest level of interest subsidy is 13%, roughly calculated, that year also more than 2 million yuan.A large sum of money to have no income Yang Dama is move, because she had also participated in other bank interest subsidy, interest is higher than ordinary times indeed, but like this as much as 13% of the subsidies has never seen, in Wu Mou “cross the village, there is no this shop” parlour, Yang Dama horns,Decided to transfer all their money to fenghua district Agricultural Bank.Do it, under the leadership of Wu, Yang aunt came to the bank in accordance with the normal procedures will be transferred into the money.Aunt Yang thought that such a big bank followed normal procedures and there should be no mistakes, so she began to wait for a year to withdraw money.Wait until a year later, that is, in 2014, the old woman has been thinking about her income situation, the day arrived quickly ran to the Agricultural Bank to inquire, did not expect, this check, give her a tremble, let alone interest, is the principal of the whole also did not see.The bank staff asked Aunt Yang to recall whether she had disclosed the passbook password to others to see if others had stolen it.Aunt Yang insisted firmly that even her family members did not know how she had changed her money into a bank deposit, so how could she reveal the password to others.If it was not stolen by others, where did Aunt Yang’s money go?The bank for Aunt Yang’s situation quickly called the police, and the police arrived at the scene, but brought a surprising news, Fenghua district is not the first time this situation, in these days each bank depositors have a large amount of money missing.Every bank after query, found that a year ago the depositors will indeed the money deposit, but there was a very strange phenomenon, that is the money deposited in immediately after the money was transferred to the other place, if Yang Dama have no operation, can do so only when help Yang Dama and others to handle the business of salesman.The police immediately began to launch the police force to find Yang Ma and others for business business personnel, and Yang Aunt is not idle, she realized that they were deceived, immediately began to call the middleman Wu, but there is no way to get through.Wu’s disappearance is the presence of people have been expected, after all, no one will continue to stay in place after deceiving people to catch.But gratifying is, soon the police will handle Yang aunt business clerk Zhu mou arrested.According to Zhu, Aunt Yang’s money was indeed transferred to another account. After Aunt Yang made the deposit, she immediately handled the transfer business and asked Aunt Yang to input her password again to directly transfer the money out.At that time, Yang thought that this was just one of the steps of the bank deposit, and did not realize that the money was transferred out of the bank unknowingly.And for why they want to transfer money, Zhu mou said everything is for the sake of interests, Yang aunt’s money was transferred to a person called Qiu Meili account.Almost a year ago, the high beauty came to the bank, its commitment to save money would bring a lot of customers, increase the turnover of the bank, but she found the bank’s business staff at the same time, hope to save the business personnel to the customer’s money unified hit on his own account, she promised if the bank staff is willing to help,She pays 10 percent of the amount each person handles.However, qiu meili promised that she would only borrow the money for one year and then pay it back with interest. At that time, the bank would not have to pay interest on the money transferred from Qiu Meili.So a number of salespeople were tricked into joining her plan, which was immediately transferred to Qiu Meili’s account after the deposit was made.However, one year later, depositors came to the bank one by one, but qiu Meili still had not received her money.These cheated salesmen also know exactly what they did, quickly confessed their crimes truthfully.Police quickly traced qiu meili’s identity based on her account information, but she was so cunning that it took them a year to catch her.In 2015, qiu Meili’s case was heard in Hangzhou. According to statistics, the amount of money obtained by Qiu Meili through such fraud reached hundreds of millions, but most of it was spent by qiu Meili, and the depositors’ principal could not be returned at all.Qiu Meili colluded with the bank’s internal staff to conduct black box operation and transferred the money of Aunt Yang and others, which constituted an obvious deposit fraud.According to the punishment for “crime of fraud” in the law, generally should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance, and also or only fined;If the amount involved is huge, or if there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined.However, qiu Meili’s involvement in this case has obviously exceeded the amount of money, which is particularly huge. Therefore, qiu Meili should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years or life imprisonment and fined or confiscated property.Qiu Meili fu, but the group of Victims of Qiu Meili fraud want to get back their own money but there is still no way, finally after the court discussion, in the case of the bank also has a certain responsibility, so the bank should ultimately compensate for the losses of depositors.Aunt Yang’s money in the bank’s compensation, finally a lot of back, can be regarded as a scare, but after this matter, Aunt Yang’s vigilance should also be higher, no longer will be penny wise and pound wise.