Subject three passes the key lies in these points (suggested collection)

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The key to pass the course three lies in these points (suggest collection) 1 practice semi-clutch start, test sections are not necessarily flat road, individual examination encountered ramp start, we should pay attention to find the semi-linkage start, avoid slipping or flaring off 2 practice pulling over, if there is a project in front of the points, but not a mistake.Slow down, pull over to find 30cm, parking must be optimistic, not optimistic can start gear again, do not forget the right turn signal and lane change is a separate light.3 before the exam to process it again in the heart, write down the wrong place to remember 4 around car button adjust seat rearview mirror fasten the belt inspection instrument panel (doors, seat belts, lighting, etc. Especially the high beam) confirmed 5 flameout, the examination began to start or drive a car on the way, would immediately make good brakes can’t stop on the zebra crossing, back to the neutral before you start the engine.Use of turn signal: starting, lane change, overtaking, intersection turn, u-turn, pull over, etc.Be sure to mentally count three seconds before moving in the direction.Avoid counting too fast before it’s really 3 seconds.If the turn signal is still on, put it back manually.If it’s just a flash, it’s probably because you’re out of position.In the face of the test, do not worry, see the examiner do not be nervous, normal play, usually how to open the test how to open training, must think that they passed the test of four determination.