Xiaomi’s Redmi K50 reexposed, Redmi K40 price dropped to 1899 yuan: sweet

2022-05-09 0 By

When it comes to science and technology industry, mobile phone update iteration technology is absolutely leading, almost every mobile phone manufacturer, will be in the annual iteration of mobile phone update.Xiaomi’s redmi subsidiary recently started doing just that.Redmi K50 reexposed.Redmi K50 was supposed to announce a release date for the new phone on February 7, but the Marketing Department did not agree, so the exact release date is not set yet, but it may not be too far away, said Lu Weibing.The Redmi K50 is likely to have a new triangular camera arrangement with a 100-megapixel rear camera, but there are likely to be multiple phones in the range, and the camera’s pixel size will vary.Processors will also be different, possibly with a Snapdragon 870 processor, a Breguet 8000 processor and a Breguet 9000 processor.Redmi K40 has a mobile phone focused on esports, which is a game enhanced phone, and the K50 will also continue to be equipped with a snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, a large linear motor, etc., and a 120W quick charge for charging.However, the new phone is very good, the price is really not cheap, red rice K50 e-sports version of the price is estimated at 3000+, so that the taste is not so sweet.After all, the last generation of esports phones, the Redmi K40 gaming enhancements, are now particularly affordable.The Redmi K40 comes with a very high battery, with a 5065 mah battery and 67W fast charge.And the processor is breguet 1200, more space-class cooling technology, 120Hz high-frequency refresh, and infrared function, X-axis motor, EFC and other functions.The camera is 6400 pixels, the photo effect is also very good, more 12GB+256GB memory, is a very good mobile phone, watching movies, watching videos, playing games, no lag, no heat, will not appear frame drop situation, very worth having, really very fragrant.The most critical is in line with the “zero inventory” strategy, if the red rice K50 release, K40 is likely to be off the shelf, and no longer production, do not buy it may be too late.The most important thing is that the price of the new red rice K50 will be very expensive. If there is no accident, we may have to queue up to buy it, and the time to get it is estimated to be a long time.And Redmi K40 game enhanced version of the mobile phone is now at a discount in clearance, the price has dropped from 2399 to 1899, has dropped 500 yuan, cost-effective is very high, configuration is also very high, is very worth buying.