Choose the interior of your favorite car.

2022-05-10 0 By

Today, we take stock of the following small series of car interiors that look good. Buying a car is not only about function and performance, but also about looking like ao.Buick Lacrosse after the replacement of the center console with a wing layout, the use of large piano paint panels and soft panels, leather seats are not a problem.The best thing about the Lacrosse is that it has 29 storage Spaces and a cut-through compartment under the baffle bar, big enough to hold a satchel.The interior features of CRV Honda are practical. Four large suitcases can be placed in the trunk, charging ports in front and back, suspended central control screen and soft package have enough texture.The Mazda CX-9, with its levitating center screen, thick seats and Nappa leather, has changed the cheap look of Mazda interiors.Most models of Linker cars use the combination of Nappa leather and fur, showing the highest grade. The center console tilts slightly to the driver’s side, making all Spaces within the range of the driver’s touch, enhancing the sense of wrapping. The new stopper shape becomes more extreme, composed of bright decorative panels and soft packages.Interior appearance level is more resistant to attack.