I wish you a happy 2022 Spring Festival!

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In the year of the Tiger, the SPRING FESTIVAL is approaching. On behalf of Maicheng Education, we would like to express our gratitude to all the hard-working and pioneering staff, to the eager students, to all the leaders, alumni and friends from all walks of life who support and care for the development of Maicheng education.My heartfelt thanks and best wishes!Stand on a big trend, set off a small wave.In 2021, the second year of the implementation of the policy, the growth of the enrollment scale tends to be stable, and the number of applicants for the first time exceeds 80,000.The amazing number gives us a greater mission and test with the examinee.This winter holiday, many staff stick to their posts, online sprint course is very busy.The main teacher’s class care, the teaching assistant teacher’s after-class q&A, the head teacher’s psychological counseling……Many heartfelt scenes, many exciting pictures, give us the power to ride the wind and waves, let a person unforgettable.This examination room is like a dangerous shoal, the examinee dares to venture, we build the sail for it.In 2021, together with our students, we have set off small waves and achieved excellent results.Mr. Dong, the top scorer in maicheng Science, got full marks in high math and was admitted to Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology with 355 marks before the reform.Many students are admitted to ideal undergraduate programs and good universities.In the future, let diligent learning become the power of youth voyage, more wonderful youth story to be written.Sow small hope, guard everyone’s dream.In 2021, we awarded scholarships to needy students from nanjing Vocational College of Science and Technology, Nanjing Communications Vocational College and other partner universities, which lit a bonfire of hope for them and their families in need. The more the fire burns, the more smooth and bright the future will be.In the school, we support students’ practical activities, pay attention to the development of students’ interests, build a platform for them to express themselves, and fill in fresh color for the study of children with difficulties.Outside the school, we help vulnerable groups, actively solve the difficulties of the people, and have the courage to shoulder social responsibilities.In 2021, we will strive for innovation, change and quality.From the publication of teaching materials to the enrichment and improvement of teaching materials, from the formation of the student management system to the establishment of the teacher evaluation system, from the introduction of the scholarship evaluation method to the formulation of the financial aid policy, we introduce various professional categories of outstanding teachers, to create the image of “Mai Meng Miao” IP……Achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1, from nothing to something, for the following quality and quantity of teaching activities to make the fundamental support.Seek progress while maintaining stability, consolidate the foundation and take a down-to-earth approach to hope.In 2021, Lishui Campus was established, Myicheng Education germinated outside Nanjing, and Suzhou campus was formally established.More and more people with lofty ideals join the big family of Maicheng education, the development situation is better, the development momentum is stronger, and the development is better.In 2022, we will forge ahead in the centenary, with our original aspiration like rock and our mission on our shoulders.Finally, We wish you a happy New Year and wish our great motherland prosperity.Mai Cheng Education Board January 31, 2022 Senior experience: Recommended collection!Mai Chengzhuan turned his high score out of 355 points, and here’s how he did it.I went through these three stages when I was admitted to Nan Xin University.I invited two couples who made it to shore to show their love.Recommended reading: 2021 old into this admission good news!Jiangsu specialized transfer this new policy 19 major categories conversion line (for reference only) jiangsu specialized transfer this nearly four years admission line (2017-2020) 2021 maiicheng specialized transfer this graduation ceremony and high score students award ceremony I knew you “watching”